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Clayfield - Round 8 - McSkittles

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Featuring sims by sixamsims and lvstndhrt

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Since Lotte was already too old to have another baby, I let them adopt one.
Pirate was right on board... In fact, he had bought a crib while I was playing with other households.

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Lotte renewed her hairstyle.

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Meet Ivar!

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Lotte continues writing novels.

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Their traits.

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And soon it was Ivar's birthday.

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This will be interesting..

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He makes the best faces!

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Drawing a picture of his new mom and himself. Let's ignore the wrong hair color.

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Lotte's spa is doing pretty well. Linden (lvstndhrt ) was lining up for the juice bar.

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Ivar brought Sunday Novell home from school.

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Pirate loves to spy his neighbors.

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Because he is so cute!

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Furry-Toby was walking his kitty. I found it funny.

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Spa reached level 5.

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Weather Talk.

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Ebba and Boris want to have puppies.

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A random dormie got what she deserved.

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Too cute!

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With her birthday coming up, Lotte wanted to sell her business and retire.

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She donated the money to the shopping district donation drive...

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...Which means, that they have now plenty of money for the building costs.

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They also paid their adoption fee to the Orphanage.

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Lotte went shopping for a piano and some treats.

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Once again, Tyson tried to steal his parents gnome and got zapped.

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The family reunion means, that it's Lotte's birthday! All the relatives were invited.

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In the middle of the party, Ebba gave birth to three puppies.

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Everyone was excited to meet them, even Savio who happened to walk by.

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And here they are: Skittles (names are randomized, and this one made me laugh)..

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And the only female puppy, Kiki.

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They all were put up for adoption.

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Game notes:
- Ivar is available for download HERE