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Clayfield - Round 8 - Gallagher II

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Featuring sims by ferretsims and pennysims

Last time Hamilton was working hard, as usual, Emmaline became pregnant for the second time and gave birth to another girl called Jennifer. Michelle grew up to a child. Kittens were born and put up for adoption.

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Ham hired Charis Troii to work as the second restocker.

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 photo ScreenShot6728.jpg

The pet store reached level 10, and Ham got 50 000§ grant. :)

 photo ScreenShot6729.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6725.jpg

Ham wants to become pretty much every supernatural there is in Clayfield..

 photo ScreenShot6724.jpg

...which is is also reflected in his traits.

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 photo ScreenShot6731.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6732.jpg

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They gave a massive donation to the city funds to help unlocking the shopping district.

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Emma loves the outdoors, so she's happy to work with their garden even while it's raining.

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 photo ScreenShot6736.jpg

The girls are still cute.

 photo ScreenShot6738.jpg

One of Ham's passions is to watch football matches on tv.

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 photo ScreenShot6740.jpg
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Emma wanted to start growing her own veggies, so she visited Hayden's garden shop and bought some necessities (such as a compost bin).

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Emma's little book store is doing okay. She hired a townie to work as cashier.

 photo ScreenShot6747.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6748.jpg

Ham has a hidden criminal side. When no-one is looking, he counterfeits money!
We'll see how long he's able to do that without getting busted!

 photo ScreenShot6749.jpg

One dayu Ben came to visit.

 photo ScreenShot6750.jpg
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Emma doesn't seem to feel akward chatting with her father--in-law in her underwear.

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Emma's little greenhouse.

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 photo ScreenShot6761.jpg

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 photo ScreenShot6764.jpg

Alma is still torturing Tiny.

 photo ScreenShot6765.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6766.jpg

And finally, it's Jen's birthday!

 photo ScreenShot6767.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6771.jpg

Her new trait.

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 photo ScreenShot6770.jpg

Then it was time to have that family game night.

 photo ScreenShot6772.jpg

Poor Mr Bean is getting very old.

 photo ScreenShot6773.jpg

And Emma started rolling these wants again...

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So she invited her teenhood sweetheart Toby over and started flirting with him!

 photo ScreenShot6778.jpg

...which lead to her falling in love with him. :/

 photo ScreenShot6779.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6780.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6781.jpg

But you know what? Toby has no desire to be unfaithful to Sia! Good for him!

 photo ScreenShot6782.jpg

*evil laughter*

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So, after being rejected by Toby, Emma goes back to her daily life. In this case, fishing with her daughter.

 photo ScreenShot6786.jpg

She also became pregnant by ACR!

 photo ScreenShot6787.jpg

These messages always amuse me...Since they usually complain about a sum that's larger than what the store would profit if my sims were there!

 photo ScreenShot6788.jpg

Ham is quite the Ham, isn't he?

 photo ScreenShot6789.jpg

A much needed makeover for Emma.

 photo ScreenShot6790.jpg
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After being humiliated and rejected by Toby's unwillingness to cheat on his wife, Emma invited one of her good friends, Albie over to her business.

 photo ScreenShot6796.jpg

Which means, that she has now the same lover as Honeybear! Oh dear...

 photo ScreenShot6797.jpg


 photo ScreenShot6798.jpg

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The book store reached level 7!

 photo ScreenShot6804.jpg

And Emma hired Rocky Novell to work as cashier.

 photo ScreenShot6805.jpg

Pirate isn't impressed.

 photo ScreenShot6806.jpg

Then, it was time to say goodbye to Mr Bean. :(

 photo ScreenShot6807.jpg

His grave was moved to the graveyard after they paid the current fee for a pet grave.

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And then, the whole of Ben's household was invited over. Why?

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Because Michelle is growing up!

 photo ScreenShot6814.jpg

Her aspiration is Popularity/Family and new trait is Flirty.

 photo ScreenShot6815.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6816.jpg

Emma got her first babybumb in the bushes.

 photo ScreenShot6817.jpg

They donated even more money to the sub-hood donation drive.

 photo ScreenShot6819.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6820.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6818.jpg

And we'll have to wait for round 9 to see, if Ham ever finds out about Emma's affair(s)!
Game notes:
-It seems to me, that Emma's wants to cheat on her husband may be related to her midlife crisis. She hasn't rolled any Romance wants in ages until this round. They seemed like a happy family, but now both Emma and Hamilton have something they want to hide from each other. Time will tell if their marriage will survive or will they end up divorcing.
- Assigning the Flirty trait for Emma was so easy, remembering that she used to woo pretty much every teen boy when she was younger. :P
- Ham's criminal side was inspired by his LTW (Become Criminal Mastermind). We'll see if he ends up in jail at some point...Which would be totally humiliating for him, since it's his sister who's running the Police Station! xD
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