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Clayfield - Round 8 - Nova

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Featuring sims by ferretsims , sixamsims , pennysims

Last time Bennett gave birth to alien quads and Angeline started selling Grandma's comfort soup but (ironicly) died after catching the flue from roaches. Ben's quads grew up to toddlers and Ben grew up to an elder. A new kitty, Nelly was adopted, kittens were born and put up for adoption. Ben quit his job retired.

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Finally, good news! Herman returned home!

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The quads are a handfull, but cute!

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I don't think he can enjoy his day off, but thanks anyway.

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 photo ScreenShot6644.jpg

Since he's very busy with teaching the toddlers!

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Boot juice is amazing. It can make you laugh, even when you have nothing to laugh about!

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Finally, after all the kids were put to bed, Ben had time to feed himself.

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Next day, he invited his son over to look after the kids.

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It's time to try get that business rolling!

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I think now is a good time to check Ben's traits. Make sure to read them carefully..
(Please ignore the note about his hight)

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 photo ScreenShot6655.jpg

Unlucky indeed! He's totally living up to his trait.

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His customers weren't very understanding concerning his little breakdown (about peeing himself).

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At this point, even the toddlers started to worry about their terribly neglected flowerbeds.

 photo ScreenShot6660.jpg

Savio is enjoying looking after his young siblings.

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 photo ScreenShot6662.jpg

I don't remember what he refuced to do, but it's still funny.

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And FINALLY, the quads grew up! Here's Opal...

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...and Ainslee.

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Interesting traits!

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They were in a desperate need of money, so Ben decided to take part of the cooking contest.

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I think it's between Ben and Pirate...

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The judge seems to enjoy smelling cereal.

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And YAY, Ben won!

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View of skunk's behind and a lovingly tended flowerbed.

 photo ScreenShot6682.jpg

Poor Herman. :P

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Pretty much everyone wanted to go fishing, so Ben took the kids to the local fishing park.

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He also hired Hayden to take care of their flowerbeds.

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Opal was trying to see her home star and got 500§ reward! Ben is grateful for any extra money.

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The soup business isn't going too well. :P

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Finally Ben had time to fix their computer (ROS).

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 photo ScreenShot6692.jpg

Then, the soup shop got to level 2 and Ben unlocked the 50K grant! Kaching!

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 photo ScreenShot6694.jpg

Kitty started a fire and Ben hired Ash Novell to work as the second cook.
However, for some reason she kept complaining that there wasn't enough funds to make food (lies, since at the same time Kitty was cooking like crazy). So Ash is working as a restocker.

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What?! Murdoch, what are you doing there walking your guard's cat?!

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Hayden comes every day to tend to their plants. He's slowly breathing new life to the flowerbeds.

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Dustin's grades are slipping, since he always manages to hide his homework somewhere.

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Once again, may I remind you that Ben is a UNLUCKY sim?

 photo ScreenShot6701.jpg

Oh hush, we know.

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 photo ScreenShot6704.jpg

Then, on the last day Ben took the kids to the park where the teen drama was happening.

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 photo ScreenShot6706.jpg
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I swear, every teen boy is trying to flirt with Joelle and she keeps rejecting them!

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Nelly and Herman are still competing, who's the Cat in the House.

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Work, Dustin...Work!

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Ruth's actually making quite a lot of money by selling photos. They cost 100§ each.

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 photo ScreenShot6720.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6721.jpg

And now, their home is filled with fun photos of the whole family. :)

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At the end of the round Ben gave donations to the Orphanage, TC and school.
After all, he finally has some money to spare!

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Game notes:
- I'm not sure if Ben is going to continue with the soup shop since it doesn't seem to be making much money. We'll just have to wait until next round to see, what his plans are.
- Hayden was spawned to the lot every day to work as long as it was needed, and he gets 50§/hour. By the end of the round, he actually managed to save their flowerbeds and make them bloom!
- Ben is seriously the unluckiest sim I've had in a long time... xD When I decided to start using traits, I knew that I have to assign "unlucky" for him. And I'm amused to see, that he still keeps up with the silliness!
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