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Clayfield - Round 8 - Troii III

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Last time Mervin and Elfreda got engaged and married, and Elfreda got expelled from college. She also got pregnant and decided to continue running the police station after her mother-in-law Iz retired.

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First off, they moved out of their apartment into the new Police Station, which also has an apartment upstairs:

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Elfy is an extremely pregnant police woman.

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Their traits.

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And a mug shot of their first prisoner, Murdoch, who tried to break in to two houses last round. That means, that Murdoch has to serve his sentence which is a total of 6 sim-days.

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I see what you're doing there, sir!

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Mervin started working as a firefighter...

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...after he got a loan and bought the Fire Station. Finally!

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Also Elfy got a loan and started selling burglar alarms and security cameras in her own business..

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...Ninja! Alarms!

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While Murdoch is enjoying his staying in the jail and dreaming about Mervin...

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...Elfy hired Chyna Novell to work as a restocker.

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The reporter was so impressed by Ninja! Alarms' bathroom, that she awarded Elfy.

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And back at the jail, Murdoch is enjoying his bread and water...

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...and entertaining himself by reading.

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Just for laughs.

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Oh ou...What's this?

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Elfreda is testing some new investigation methods on Murdoch.

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After having his aspiration points sucked, Murdoch tried to admire Elfy to not get "treated" again. I don't think it's going to work.

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Soon enough the therapist was invited to take a look at Murdoch's broken spirits.

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Mervin is excited about the baby.

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Aww...Being a pregnant police officer isn't a piece of cake.

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Mervin decided to start training. He needs to be in shape to be able to do his job well.

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Elfreda is officially working as a security guard. *

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And then, bathroom delivery!

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It's a boy called Robin, who inherited grandpa Bennett's blue eyes. :)

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Off to buy baby supplies!

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Mervin hired one of the teens, David from TC to work as a restocker.

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But it seems that the reporter was not impressed with the bathroom at the Fire Station.

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Again, Elfy is trying to get Murdoch to cooperate, but he refuced to try the lie detector.

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She has no other choise than to suck some of his skill points. After all, crime has it's consequences.

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Othelo was spying on the baby. His queue said "Be hugged"!

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And then, Robin grew up! He has his mother's eyebrows, no doubt about it. :D

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Oh, and Robin's traits are Grumpy and Athletic, which he inherited from his parents.

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Elfreda got promoted, which happened before I realized I could just use the job stoppinator... Oh well.

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That's not creepy at all, Elfy!

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She stayed home one day to take care of Robin. And to keep an eye on Murdoch...

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...who's happily eating his soup in his dungeon.

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He's a cutie pie! I think those brows just give him more character :D

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Mervin is a happy little firefighter. Saving lives and selling fire alarms.

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They're trying for another baby, too.

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Murdoch keeps amusing me. He's having a good time with his book.
Besides the punishment moments, it seems that he actually quite enjoyes his staying!

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Mervin called his mom over to babysit so that he could go to work.

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Iz is enjoying spending time with his grandson.

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Another promotion.

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Coming home with his manly moped. :D
Okay, it's actually Elfy's but he just look so fine riding it, doesn't he?

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And a short update from the dungeon: Murdoch is abusing his cup friend and cleaning franticly his toilet.

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Mervin has still quite a lot of loan to pay off.

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And Elfy learned some fire safety.
Which is good, because it would be kind of embarrasing to set the kitchen on fire when you're married to a fireman.

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And that's it! We'll see them on round 9. :)

Game notes:
* I decided to let Elfy join the standard Maxis Law Enforcement career, since it actually fits with the whole running the police station idea. I was making rules for the salaries and criminal justice system, and decided that it's easier to let her work in that career than to manually pay her salary every round. Her salary at the career track is pretty much the same as I planned on paying her anyway.
- The rules for the criminal justice system are still in progress. I do have something down already, like the basic sentences after a NPC burglar gets caught. I'll be updating my ruleset as time goes on. The Police Station and it's punishment actions are inspired by Jessa / livlukas 
- Murdoch will be released from the jail at the beginning of round 9. We'll just have to see if he learns to behave himself or not! (my guess? not!)
- I realized just now that I didn't take more pictures of the Fire Station this round, but I'm going to try to remember it on next round! I did show it on my first Clayfield livestream tour, though. Anyway, it's so exciting to finally get to play it as an owned business! I've waited since Mervin was a child or teen to be able to make him the first fireman in Clayfield!
- I decided to treat this Police Station as other live-in institutions what comes to paying taxes. So Elfy's family doesn't have to pay taxes at all.
- The new Police Station is build based on THIS Plasticbox's lot, which I completely rebuild from scratch without cheats. The original lot had split levels, and I don't like them.
- And last but not least, I noticed that at the beginning of the round Elfy was flagged as being engaged to Zoran, just like Honeybear was last round!! O_O I don't get it...Unfortunately, glitches don't end here. I can only hope that Clayfield isn't on it's way to destruction :( I'm going to do everything I can to keep it working.
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