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Clayfield - Round 7 - Summary and statistics

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Miss Kitty was hired to work in a new business, started by Angie Gallagher. She continues to run also her own bakery. Tyson spends most of his time taking care of their twin daughters, and continues to dig up stuff in their backyard and sell them to locals. Their house was full of puppies, as Kitty has raised so far 7/20 puppies from her LTW.


 photo ScreenShot4856_1.jpg

Harry grew up to a grey bigfoot, amusing other residents with his constant presence on business lots. Hilary is busy with her massive garden and continues to work as a manager in Honeybear's electonic store. Rich grew up to a teen, while Lexie is few days away from starting her teen years aswell.


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Just before growing old, Honeybear decided to jump into a real relationship with one of her customers, leaving Morty completely oblivious about her affair. Morty got abducted due to ROS event, resulting a pregnancy and the arrival of a little alien boy called Hubert. Will Honey's affair be kept in secret on the next round?


 photo ScreenShot4991_2.jpg

Blair and Christa met at the Teen Center, fell in love and started their own family. Blair owns the local rollerskating rink, while Christa is working as a salesperson in the local toy store. They are expecting their first child to be born soon.


 photo ScreenShot4777.jpg

It was a tough round for Bennett, as his wife died after catching a deadly virus. Just before dying, Angeline started a business which sells nothing but Grandma's comfort soup. Bennett gave birth to alien quads Shevon, Ainslee, Opal and Dustin, and grew up to elderhood alone and depressed. How will he manage taking care of four young children by himself?

Gallagher II

 photo ScreenShot4654.jpg

Hamilton expanded the selection on his pet store, while pregnant Emmaline was busy taking care of little Michelle. Soon enough she gave birth to another girl, who was named Jennifer. Emma also checked in with her bookstore, which has been rather neglected due to her maternity leave. Will she continue running the shop, or is she going to explore other opportunities?

Gallagher III

 photo ScreenShot4655.jpg

Savio and his wife Dorris both graduated from CCU. Dorris went back to work as a stylist in the local salon, while Savio is going to continue working in his brother's pet store. They are also eager to start their own family soon.


 photo ScreenShot4991_1.jpg

Vince and Celeste are another new couple who met while living in the Teen Center. Vince is working in the toy store and Celeste continues to work for Harry Bigfoot. Their firstborn is about to arrive any minute!


 photo ScreenShot5119.jpg

Pirate grew old and bald, and gave the ownership of his toy store to his youngest son Edison. Lotte will be joining his husband to elderhood at the beginning of next round. Will this be the first couple to arrive to the new Retirement home?

McSkittles II - Mifsud

 photo ScreenShot6016.jpg

Ed grew up and started college. He fell in love with Ruth Mifsud, and they got engaged. Ed moved in with Ruth and hopes to graduate soon, so that he can have more time to look after his toy store. Ruth started working as a photographer in her own photostudio.

Mifsud II

 photo ScreenShot5730.jpg

Lush Mifsud continues to give bad makeovers to other sims in the neighborhood. She also gave birth to another girl called Avery. Lush and Devon's firstborn Finley grew up to a child, and Devon is still the busy manager of  music store.

Mifsud III

 photo ScreenShot5798.jpg

Galen has been busy making more paintings to sell in his gallery. His wife Marie works as a teacher, and she gave birth to their first child Connor.


 photo ScreenShot5642.jpg

Due to ROS event, Sidley DeCarlo drowned at the beginning of the round. Her daughter Joelle inherited the magic shop and became an evil witch just before Sidley passed away. Mayor Joe was feeling overwhelmed trying to raise his children and run the city at the same time. Will he find a new love, or continue to go on as a single-dad?

Never II

 photo ScreenShot5385.jpg

Aden's business keeps thriving, and it's in fact the most profitable business in the whole city. Honor gave birth to a boy called Jay and is now expecting their second child. She's is determined to make her baby supply store a success after she returns from her maternity leave.

Never III

 photo ScreenShot5466_2.jpg

It was an interesting round for this family. Sia graduated from CCU and later gave birth to a little girl called Aretha. Toby decided to try the life of a werewolf, and at the end of the round they adopted a sister for Aretha, called Jeevika.

Never IV

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Zoran can't make his mind up, whether or not he wants to have an affair. His wife Jam doesn't know a thing about it. She gave birth to a boy called Cameron, and soon became pregnant by risky woohoo. What does the future hold for this family?


 photo ScreenShot6301.jpg

Roux gave birth to an alien daughter called Dona. He had a massive birthday party, with all of his family members. Roux is anxious to retire from his job as the principal of Clayfield Public School, which he will do after his daughter Audra takes his place.

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Audra grew up and went to college, where she'll be trained to work as the next school principal. She had some misfortune with the romance department but hasn't lost hope finding Mr Right. Will she find the man of her dreams on next round?

 photo ScreenShot6348.jpg

Kurt fell in love with one of his best friends, Branka, and they started going steady. At the end of the round he joined his sister in college and now they're sharing a student apartment on the campus. Will Kurt be faithful to his girlfriend, or will he find new love interests during his college years?

Novell II

 photo ScreenShot6088.jpg

Marylena's twins Korey and Sunday grew up to children with their father Nitro cheering in the background. However, Marylena isn't ready to settle down just yet. Will she continue to grow old juggling with multible lovers?

 photo ScreenShot6089.jpg

Ashtoreth grew up to an adult and moved out to her own apartment. She's still going steady with Hayden Troii, who is few years younger than Ash. What will Ash do with her life, and which career path will she choose on the next round?

Novell III

 photo ScreenShot6186.jpg

Pollyanna and Andre's twins Rocky and Chyna grew up to teens, and they were happy to have a little sister as Polly decided to grow a plantbaby. Flora is a welcome addition to the family, especially since Polly is unable to have more children the natural way. What will happen in this happy little family on next round?


 photo ScreenShot5285.jpg

Rhett Robertshaw grew up in the Teen Center with his wife Debbie. She's happy to have put her unfortunate teenhood behind her and is expecting their first child. Rhett works in the car dealership, and Debbie is working as a server in the City Hall restaurant.


 photo ScreenShot4423.jpg

It looks like Stripe is quite ready to retire and just enjoy his elder years with his wife Izumi. Iz is becoming grey at the beginning of next round, and she's decided to retire, too. Their youngest son Hayden is ready to leave his teen years behind and start working as a city gardener.

Troii II

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Rocky and Chey Lee have been busy this round. Chey became pregnant again and gave birth to twin girls Chanelle and Gisselle. Their firstborn, Charis, became a child. Chey is still working in the local bakery and Rocky runs the clothing store.

Troii III

 photo ScreenShot4512.jpg

Mervin and Elfreda got engaged and married, and Elfreda got expelled from college. She's now expecting their first child and planning to take over the Police Station after her mother-in-law retires. Mervin will be opening the Fire Station.

Clayfield Public School pupils from R7:
[Kids from the Orphanage and TC are included]

 photo ScreenShot6274.jpg

Class 1, ages 6-11
[ Back row: Roux, Korey, Michelle, Elvis, Sunday, Finley, Zoe, Jules]
[Middle row: Lexie, Charis, Flora, Callie]
[Front row: Rocky, Cameron, David, Katerina, Carlos]

 photo ScreenShot6275.jpg

Class 2, ages 12-17
[Back row: Branka, Rocky, Avery, Steve, Rich, Steven]
[Middle row: Marie, Elizabeth, Hayden, Opal, Joelle]
[Front row: Chyna, Kurt, Manda, Dottie]

Statistics from R7:

Births: 15
[Charter-Mifsud, Nova, Gallagher II, Mifsud II, Mifsud III, Never II, Never III, Never IV, Novell, Novell III, Troii II]
Adoptions: 3
[ Never III, Damani LeCreuset, Danielle Doubreaux]
Deaths: 2
[Angeline Gallagher, Sidley DeCarlo]
New residents (Townie/CAS): 6
New residents total: 24
Playable sims total: 80

[Sims from the Orphanage and Teen Center are not included]

New households: 6
Households total: 27

New businesses: 4
Owned businesses total:
New institutions: -
Taxes collected: 22 675§
Tax refunds total: 29 350§
City funds total:
120 000§

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