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Clayfield - Round 7 - Novell

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Featuring a sim by pennysims

Last time Roux moved into a new house, adopted two children Audra and Kurt from the Orphanage and at the end of the round he was abducted and became pregnant. Audra and Kurt grew up to teens.

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Since Roux doesn't have a regular job, Audra is going to fulfill this ROS. She's going to slack off three days.

 photo ScreenShot6190.jpg

Some love for Bubble.

 photo ScreenShot6191.jpg

Double A+'s.

 photo ScreenShot6192.jpg


 photo ScreenShot6194.jpg

Kurt just being cute.

 photo ScreenShot6195.jpg


 photo ScreenShot6196.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6197.jpg

The gypsy brought a genie lamp for Kurt.

 photo ScreenShot6199.jpg

And baby time already!

 photo ScreenShot6202.jpg

Meet babygirl Dona. I love that she got Roux's hair and eyes.

 photo ScreenShot6203.jpg

Roux had to go to work, so he called Andre to come and babysit.

 photo ScreenShot6204.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6205.jpg

Joelle and Avery are not getting along.

 photo ScreenShot6207.jpg

Joelle looks like she's plotting for something evil... Can you see it!?

 photo ScreenShot6208.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6209.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6210.jpg

Meeting new classmates.

 photo ScreenShot6211.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6212.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6213.jpg

It looks like Marie finally got the teens to work!

 photo ScreenShot6214.jpg

Adorable struggling face ^^

 photo ScreenShot6215.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6216.jpg

It's the "everyone is looking at Joelle" hour.

 photo ScreenShot6217.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6218.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6219.jpg


 photo ScreenShot6220.jpg

Dona's ready to grow up. Are you ready to see her??

 photo ScreenShot6221.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6222.jpg


 photo ScreenShot6223.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6224.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6225.jpg

Come on... I can't refuse to take pictures of this.

 photo ScreenShot6226.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6227.jpg

Remember what happened the last time, Roux? Get out of there!

 photo ScreenShot6228.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6229.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6230.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6231.jpg

She was supposed to go to school while Roux was still sleeping. Obviously she doesn't trust her dad's ability to take care of a toddler xD

 photo ScreenShot6232.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6233.jpg

She called in sick the third time.
The second time she was still at the school when her carpool came, but she didn't even get a notice about missing work. :o

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 photo ScreenShot6235.jpg

Then Audra grew up and started college. She kept the want to go there nearly all her teenhood.

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Kurt has three bolts with one of his BFF's! She was at the Orphanage with Kurt.

 photo ScreenShot6237.jpg

Audra left to campus.

 photo ScreenShot6238.jpg

Kurt went on a date with Branka, and they both wanted to fell in love. Aww!

 photo ScreenShot6240.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6244.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6246.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6248.jpg

Gotta love these akward faces.

 photo ScreenShot6250.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6254.jpg

..Branka noticed the camera. xD

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 photo ScreenShot6259.jpg

They started going steady, and Kurt got a negative memory about it. He's partly Romance, after all.

 photo ScreenShot6261.jpg

Wake up, you're still on a date!

 photo ScreenShot6262.jpg

Strut strut.

 photo ScreenShot6263.jpg

It's funny, that even though he has this want, he's afraid of breaking up with Branka. Oh, those conflicted wants.

 photo ScreenShot6264.jpg

Kurt had bought an alien toy earlier this round, and he gave it to Dona. <3

 photo ScreenShot6265.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6266.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6267.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6268.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6269.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6270.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6271.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6272.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6273.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6276.jpg

Elvis did this autonomously xD

 photo ScreenShot6277.jpg

Once again, Roux had to get a babysitter so Audra took care of Dona while Roux and Kurt were at the school.

 photo ScreenShot6278.jpg

More interesting townies running around.. :D

 photo ScreenShot6279.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6280.jpg

And then, it's time to have triple-birthday! All the remaining sims are aging up the same day.

 photo ScreenShot6281.jpg

So all the Novell's were invited!

 photo ScreenShot6283.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6284.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6285.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6286.jpg

Ah, the first summer's day and BBQ.

 photo ScreenShot6287.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6288.jpg

Roux is telling Andre how to impress service sims..

 photo ScreenShot6289.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6290.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6292.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6293.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6294.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6295.jpg
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Kurt wanted to join his sister in college.

 photo ScreenShot6299.jpg

So off to campus he goes.

 photo ScreenShot6321.jpg

Roux got his own school bus.

 photo ScreenShot6323.jpg

Kurt moved next door to Audra.

 photo ScreenShot6324.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6325.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6326.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6327.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6328.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6329.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6330.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6331.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6332.jpg

The noises from Kurt's apartment kept her awake.

 photo ScreenShot6333.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6334.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6335.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6337.jpg

Now, who is she bootycalling?!

 photo ScreenShot6339.jpg

It's Aidan, one of the former teens from TC.

 photo ScreenShot6340.jpg

She got her first kiss...

 photo ScreenShot6341.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6342.jpg

But that's that. He wasn't into her flirting at all!

 photo ScreenShot6344.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6345.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6346.jpg

So what's left to do is to take all that frustration and use it to fix the tv...
I've never seen a sim behave like this before!

 photo ScreenShot6301.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6347.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6348.jpg

Game notes:
- The drivable school bus can be downloaded from HERE
- At the end of the round Kurt moved in with Audra, so I have one less household to play with they can study more together.
- Roux actually rolled to give Dona up for adoption, but I decided to let her stay because Roux can actually still fulfill his LTW (6 kids married). He still has over 20 days to live, unless he gets sick and dies earlier... So Dona will grow up to an adult before Roux dies.
- After Roux all my founders have grown up to elders! Time really flies..
- And guess what? Round 7 is now finished! Next will be a summary post, and then we're off to round 8!
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