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Clayfield - Round 7 - Novell II

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Featuring sims by sixamsims , charterzard , lvstndhrt , cinnepin , alleliua , xbeccyx , selenaq13 , ferretsims and miss_essa

Last time Marylena and Damani broke up and he moved into the Teen Center to work as a social worker. Marylena gave birth to Nitro's twins. Ashtoreth grew up to a teen and adopted a stray kitty called Niji.

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They won 600§ and since Marylena isn't in a commited relationship, the major event didn't happen.

 photo ScreenShot6019.jpg

Ah, a peaceful winter morning.

 photo ScreenShot6020.jpg

Marylena's cooking pancakes.

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Good news for Ash!

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 photo ScreenShot6023.jpg

Niji is adorable <3 I love his coloring. :)

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 photo ScreenShot6025.jpg

Sunday <3

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 photo ScreenShot6029.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6030.jpg

You shouldn't spy on Stripe.. He can be a mean old grouch.

 photo ScreenShot6031.jpg

Time for the twins to grow up, so Nitro was invited to the party.

 photo ScreenShot6033.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6034.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6035.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6036.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6037.jpg


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 photo ScreenShot6039.jpg
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No need to worry about Marylena getting pregnant again. He's about 50 years old now.

 photo ScreenShot6041.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6042.jpg

You can't tell they're twins, right? :D

 photo ScreenShot6043.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6044.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6045.jpg

She doesn't want to commit to Nitro, either.

 photo ScreenShot6048.jpg

Charis Troii walked by and the kids had a nice time chatting and playing together.

 photo ScreenShot6049.jpg

I thought it was cute that he called to his daughter. :)

 photo ScreenShot6051.jpg

Marylena invited Nitro over while she was working, and the "woohoo with 3 sims" want got fulfilled.

 photo ScreenShot6052.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6053.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6054.jpg

Wilbur by xbeccyx

 photo ScreenShot6055.jpg

Rupert by selenaq13

 photo ScreenShot6056.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6057.jpg

Cuties <3

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 photo ScreenShot6059.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6060.jpg

So many custom townies showed up:
Jess (alleliua ), Henry and Linden (lvstndhrt ) and Sebastiaan (cinnepin )

 photo ScreenShot6061.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6062.jpg

Henry had none of her flirting. :D

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 photo ScreenShot6065.jpg
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 photo ScreenShot6068.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6069.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6070.jpg

What exactly are you doing in a grown-up's bar, Joelle?!

 photo ScreenShot6071.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6072.jpg

Broderick (xbeccyx )

 photo ScreenShot6073.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6074.jpg

 photo ScreenShot6075.jpg

Marylena got the 20 000§ grant.

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Damani and his adopted son Rocky were invited to Ash's birthday party, but they had to leave as soon as they arrived.

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She didn't want to go to college, so here is Ash as an adult.

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 photo ScreenShot6080.jpg

On day 5 they visited Andre's family.

 photo ScreenShot6081.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6082.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6083.jpg

This was the first time Korey and Sunday met their cousins.

 photo ScreenShot6084.jpg

Marylena donated money to the City, Teen Center, Orphanage and Public School.

 photo ScreenShot6085.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6087.jpg

Ash moved out and is now part of the Roomies household. Other newly aged sims will join her on next round.

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 photo ScreenShot6088.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6089.jpg

Game notes:
- I haven't decided what Ash is going to do later on. She doesn't work in Andre's music store anymore, so maybe she'll start her own business or starts working in another sim's business.
- Unless my memory fails me, Marylena is going to grow up to an elder next round. She'll be the first Gen 2 sim to age up! :o Wow, time really flies..
- Damani adopted Rocky, who is one of the orphans earlier this round, so Ash indeed has another little (step-)brother. :)
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