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Clayfield - Round 7 - Mifsud IV

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Featuring sims by charterzard and ferretsims

Earlier this round Ruth grew up to an adult and moved into her own apartment.

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ROS for Ruth.

 photo ScreenShot5927.jpg

Meet Pippin.

 photo ScreenShot5928.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5929.jpg

She didn't like what ROS gave her..

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Ruth took a loan to start her own business.

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She's going to be a professional photographer.

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 photo ScreenShot5934.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5935.jpg

The waiting area.

 photo ScreenShot5936.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5937.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5938.jpg

And her studio with a little playcorner for children.

 photo ScreenShot5939.jpg

She also adopted a kitty.

 photo ScreenShot5940.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5942.jpg

Bob is a ninja cat!

 photo ScreenShot5943.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5944.jpg

A random townie using your bathroom. Isn't that lovely?

 photo ScreenShot5946.jpg

Ruth invited Ed over for a date.

 photo ScreenShot5947.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5948.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5949.jpg

They're so ridiculously cute. ^^

 photo ScreenShot5950.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5953.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5955.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5962.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5964.jpg

No Ed, that's not creepy at all..

 photo ScreenShot5965.jpg

He started cleaning while Ruth was sleeping. :D

 photo ScreenShot5967.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5969.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5970.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5971.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5972.jpg

Her business has started nicely.

 photo ScreenShot5974.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5975.jpg

BENNETT! Oh well, I guess it's their bad makeovers that draw them together.

 photo ScreenShot5976.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5977.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5978.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5979.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5980.jpg

Bob's one of the first kittens born in Clayfield. It was about time for him to have a new home!

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Ruth paid some of her loan back.

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She practises spells on herself.

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 photo ScreenShot5985.jpg

Ed sneaked by to give Ruth a great big midnight kiss.

 photo ScreenShot5986.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5987.jpg

She clearly doesn't want to be an evil witch. Oh well, she'll have to wait until round 10 to get cured.

 photo ScreenShot5989.jpg

She also visited her parents place.

 photo ScreenShot5990.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5991.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5992.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5993.jpg

On a date with Ed at the roller rink.

 photo ScreenShot5994.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5995.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5996.jpg
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Later on day 5 she proposed to Ed and he moved in with her.

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Ed had the genie lamp in his inventory, so they asked for money.

 photo ScreenShot6009.jpg

Pirate's son playing pirate. I think I've seen this one before..

 photo ScreenShot6010.jpg

With the money Genie gave them, Ruth paid off her entire loan.

 photo ScreenShot6012.jpg

And of course we get to meet Murdoch..

 photo ScreenShot6013.jpg

Murdoch: "I'm gonna steal your pants off!"
Cop: *Ahem*

 photo ScreenShot6014.jpg

This means, that Murdoch is going to stay in the jail for entire next round xD

 photo ScreenShot6015.jpg
 photo ScreenShot6016.jpg

Game notes:
- I forgot that YA's can't get married without InTeen, so Ruth and Ed are going to stay engaged until he graduates or drops out.
- About Murdoch's adventures in the jail.. I've set up some rules about the criminal justice system already. For every burglar visit where he gets cought, he's going to stay in the jail for 3 sim-days. On this round he visited 2 families, which means that he'll stay in the jail for 6 days next round, or longer if he tries to break into more households before I play with the jail lot. Oh, fun times ahead!
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