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Clayfield - Round 7 - Charter-Mifsud

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Featuring sims by slyndsey , charterzard , lvstndhrt and pennysims

Last time Honeybear's electronics store got bigger (and glitchier), and she was unfaitful to Morty with one of her customers. Galen grew up and moved out, and the burglar visited their house. Ruth was mostly busy with school and her part-time job in the toy store.

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Their ROS for this round. Morty was rolled to be abducted once, and Honeybear has to start her own garden.

 photo ScreenShot5801.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5803.jpg

Since they lived in a city house without space for garden, they moved into this little house near the beach area.
Since Ruth is going to grow up soon, she didn't get her own room.

 photo ScreenShot5804.jpg

Honeybear and Morty seem very into each other, even after Honeybear's business with Albie last round.

 photo ScreenShot5805.jpg

She hired Joelle DeCarlo to work as a restocker.

 photo ScreenShot5806.jpg

For some reason the community time hack has been buggy lately and this glitch keeps happening. :(
However, Honeybear did return home the same day as she was supposed to.* (more in game notes)

 photo ScreenShot5807.jpg

Alia was home alone while everyone else was at school or work.

 photo ScreenShot5808.jpg

So no-one was there to say goodbye when Grimmy came to take her. :(

 photo ScreenShot5809.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5810.jpg

Later that same day they adopted Belina, who is Othelo and Elmo's sister.

 photo ScreenShot5811.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5813.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5814.jpg

Ruth didn't want to go to college, so she aged to adult on day 1.

 photo ScreenShot5815.jpg

Honeybear started working in her little garden.

 photo ScreenShot5816.jpg

Ruth moved out to her own apartment, we'll see more of her in the next update.

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 photo ScreenShot5820.jpg

And it was time for Morty to submit to his ROS...

 photo ScreenShot5832.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5836.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5841.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5850.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5854.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5855.jpg

I swear, if you too are going to have quads...!!

 photo ScreenShot5857.jpg

Honey didn't have much compassion towards Morty's unfortunate event.

 photo ScreenShot5858.jpg

He kept sobbing a long time after returning home.

 photo ScreenShot5859.jpg

They moved Alia's grave to the graveyard, and paid the current fee for a pet burial plot.

 photo ScreenShot5861.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5862.jpg

Penelope by slyndsey walked by.

 photo ScreenShot5863.jpg

No doubt about it, you're pregnant. Happy retirement life!

 photo ScreenShot5864.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5865.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5866.jpg

The spring storm causes fires around the hood.

 photo ScreenShot5867.jpg

Confused Pop#1

 photo ScreenShot5868.jpg

But look at his belly! ROFL

 photo ScreenShot5869.jpg

They also went to visit Galen's family and see their grandson.

 photo ScreenShot5870.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5871.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5873.jpg

Belina also got to play with her brother Elmo, which was cute. :)

 photo ScreenShot5874.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5875.jpg

It still annoys me that she had to restart her business last round, but oh well.

 photo ScreenShot5877.jpg

Roux's witch GF came to visit and spread some sparkles.

 photo ScreenShot5878.jpg

And Honeybear invited Albie over while she was working.

 photo ScreenShot5880.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5881.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5882.jpg

Her memory kept confusing me a lot... She has 2 lovers, not 3!

 photo ScreenShot5883.jpg

After woohooing outside the store she wanted to hire him. Looks like she was impressed by his skills?

 photo ScreenShot5884.jpg

And like always, Morty is completely oblivious about what just happened.

 photo ScreenShot5885.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5886.jpg

He met a fellow pregger Roux, who did not want Morty to talk to his belly. Some men...

 photo ScreenShot5887.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5888.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5889.jpg

Someone kicks over the trashcan in pretty much every household. It's only a matter of time when the flu epidemic starts..

 photo ScreenShot5890.jpg

Honeybear has her own little greenhouse now.

 photo ScreenShot5891.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5892.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5893.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5894.jpg

And ROS is fulfilled: she got in!

 photo ScreenShot5895.jpg

Linden by lvstndhrt

 photo ScreenShot5896.jpg

Ah, a relaxing night with backrubs when their cat is distroying the couch.

 photo ScreenShot5897.jpg

And then, it's time.

 photo ScreenShot5899.jpg

Only one baby! *happy dance*
Meet babyboy Hubert.

 photo ScreenShot5901.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5902.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5903.jpg

She fed him autonomously, which was sweet. :)

 photo ScreenShot5904.jpg

It's time for double birthday, so they invited their kids over. Devon started trimming the bushes autonomously! :D

 photo ScreenShot5905.jpg

Casually talking about her other lover. Look how Morty's smiling! He just doesn't get it.

 photo ScreenShot5906.jpg

Finley met his little uncle :)

 photo ScreenShot5907.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5908.jpg

And now, it's time for cake!

 photo ScreenShot5910.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5917.jpg

Hubert is adorable!

 photo ScreenShot5918.jpg

He got to meet his little relatives, too.

 photo ScreenShot5919.jpg

And he enjoyed the attention of his older siblings.

 photo ScreenShot5920.jpg


 photo ScreenShot5921.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5922.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5923.jpg

And here's the newly aged Honeybear, waving before passing out goodbye.

 photo ScreenShot5924.jpg

Game notes:
- The glitch where Honeybear was supposed to come back in 2 days got fixed, when I noticed that I can teleport her back via mailbox. I don't know why CTP (Community Time Project) keeps acting out, but I do know that it probably has nothing to do with the Visit sims mod, since those glitches started to happen before I installed VS. For those of you who may have the same bug in your game, you can force sims back home by activating testingcheats, clicking the mailbox > household (or something like that) > teleport here. Then if needed, use Lot Debugger to make sim visible, and Force error > Reset them.
- Morty didn't roll a want to have a baby when he was pregnant, which according to my rules can indicate that he'd want to put his baby up for adoption. I did think about it, but when I saw that he had a baby boy, I wanted to keep Hubert in the family because I NEED more boys! And of course, after seeing how adorable he grew up to be I'm happy that I didn't put him up for adoption.
- Honeybear's lover Albie got aged up with Honeybear, and I think he'll still be part of this story in some way. I have a feeling that before long Morty is going to find out about Honeybear's affair, so we'll just have to see what happens with them on next round.
- What's with my soon-to-be-elders and getting abducted!?! Morty is the third (!!) sim who's going to raise a toddler as an elder. (He'll become an elder in the beginning of next round)
-Honeybear's strange memory about 3 lovers was a mystery to me, until I noticed that for some strange reason she was flagged to be in love with Zoran Never! And not only that, they had the engaged flag! :o Weirdest part of this is that Honeybear and Zoran haven't even met!!! Anyway, it's all fixed now thanks to SimBlender.
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