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Clayfield - Round 7 - DeCarlo

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Featuring a sim by sixamsims

Last time the family moved into a new home and they adopted one of the Bigfoot puppies called Hilda. Sidley became pregnant for the last time and gave birth to a boy called Elvis. Joe was busy with the City Hall, Sidley with her magic shop and Joelle with her A+'s and playing.

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I knew this would happen..

 photo ScreenShot5556.jpg

We start with Joe, who wants to be all supernaturals wrapped into one.
(I find it really annoying, that every knowledge sim wants to become a supernatural after one sim in the town does that)

 photo ScreenShot5557.jpg

Sidley's heading off to check with her business. Although it looks like she's going to crash into asphalt.

 photo ScreenShot5558.jpg

*evil laugh*

 photo ScreenShot5559.jpg

While Sidley was working, Joe staid home with Elvis.

 photo ScreenShot5560.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5561.jpg

Last picture of Joelle as a child...

 photo ScreenShot5562.jpg

Because it's cake time!

 photo ScreenShot5564.jpg

Sidley's gift was to turn her into a witch.

 photo ScreenShot5565.jpg

Her randomized aspiration is Family/Knowledge.

 photo ScreenShot5631.jpg

And it looks like she's going to earn money by writing novels.

 photo ScreenShot5566.jpg

Later that night...

 photo ScreenShot5568.jpg

...The Grimmy came to take Sidley.

 photo ScreenShot5569.jpg

Hilda howled for hours after she was gone :(

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Joelle inherited Sidley's store.

 photo ScreenShot5571.jpg

And here's Sid's final resting place. Joe bought her a burial plot in the Sunset Cemetery.

 photo ScreenShot5572.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5573.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5574.jpg

It was a sad morning for the rest of the family.

 photo ScreenShot5576.jpg

But they have no other choise than to go on.

 photo ScreenShot5577.jpg

Pollyanna is managing Joelle's store until she grows up.

 photo ScreenShot5578.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5579.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5580.jpg

She looks just like her mother. And is also an evil witch.

 photo ScreenShot5581.jpg

Joe called all the Never boys and their spouses over to have a family meeting.

 photo ScreenShot5582.jpg

Everyone else showed up except Jam and Cameron (it was too late in the evening or something).

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Joelle wants to find love, so she called the Gypsy.

 photo ScreenShot5588.jpg

2 000§ spent, and this is the result. Steven is one of the CTC teens.

 photo ScreenShot5589.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5590.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5591.jpg

They had a nice date that included mostly playing kickybag, and Joelle got her first kiss from him.

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 photo ScreenShot5594.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5595.jpg

I'm loss for words... xD

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 photo ScreenShot5597.jpg

Hilda comes every night to sleep on Sidley's side of the bed.

 photo ScreenShot5599.jpg

The search continues.

 photo ScreenShot5600.jpg

This is the paperboy with a last name too difficult to remember.

 photo ScreenShot5602.jpg

Joe still wants to be a werewolf, but I'm not going to fulfil this want. One is enough for the city at this point.

 photo ScreenShot5603.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5604.jpg

So cute! <3

 photo ScreenShot5605.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5606.jpg

Finally Joe managed to check in with his business, and he laid off one of the townie employees.
He didn't take it very well.

 photo ScreenShot5608.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5609.jpg

Funny glitches with the aquarium.

 photo ScreenShot5610.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5613.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5616.jpg

And finally, Elvis grew up. He's as adorable as ever!

 photo ScreenShot5617.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5618.jpg
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On the weekend they packed the whole family and went to visit relatives.

 photo ScreenShot5620.jpg

First Aden and his family.

 photo ScreenShot5621.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5622.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5623.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5625.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5626.jpg

I see Honor still keeps up with the spying.

 photo ScreenShot5627.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5628.jpg

Elvis was exhausted after they returned home.

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Then I noticed that Joelle actually has two bolts with the paperboy! Could this mean that she's maybe going to become Mr Postlethwaite one day? Can you imagine me giving updates with that name? I'd had to check the spelling every.single.time!

 photo ScreenShot5630.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5632.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5633.jpg

Sparkly waffles!
(If you haven't checked out Exnem's foods yet, go do it now!)

 photo ScreenShot5634.jpg

Isn't he precious?!

 photo ScreenShot5635.jpg

Then they visited Toby's family.

 photo ScreenShot5636.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5637.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5638.jpg

The girls were excited about meeting their cousin.

 photo ScreenShot5639.jpg

Looks like Joe is starting to get lonely.

 photo ScreenShot5640.jpg

Elvis invited Cameron over, but apparently he's busy waiting for the repairman. LOL

 photo ScreenShot5641.jpg

But Zoran did walk by, and he joined them for some late night supper.

 photo ScreenShot5642.jpg

Game notes:
- After all those boring ROS events I knew that someone is going to get cut off this round. This time, it was Sidley. The program actually rolled Joe as the victim, but there just was no way I could find another mayor for the town at this point. I'm still in the middle of making rules about the politics in Clayfield, such as the members of the city council and who could potentially run for mayor in the future. Sidley had only few days until becoming an elder, and she did have a full life so she ended up being the one that drowned. Originally, ROS rolled for death by electric chair, but since I don't have it (nor I'm going to get it!), I rolled again and it gave death by drowning. So, needless to say that ROS was definitely against this family. :P
- Inspired by Jessa I decided to try the Visit Sim-mod by Chris Hatch at Backalleysims (not linking it here, because it's an adult site), and I love it! I did have to remove some mods and fiddle around to make it work in my game, which was kind of a pain...But I think it's worth it. Because of this mod I'm also not using InTeen anymore (they were conflicting).
- I fixed Sidley's, Joelle's and Elvis' skins so they may look a bit different than they used to. I couldn't stand how their lips looked with the previous skin. :P
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