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Clayfield - Round 7 - Never IV

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Featuring a sim by charterzard
Last time Zoran moved out of the Roomies household into a house of his own. He started a flower shop, met townie Jam and got married. Jam got pregnant and they adopted a stray kitty called Klutz.

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From this...

 photo ScreenShot5470.jpg this. They lost 75% of their funds.

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Zoran was so distracted by the stock market crash, that he wandered to work in his bathrobe.

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And of course, Harry was there, buying flowers.

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Zoran hired one of the CTC teens to work as a restocker, while he handles the cash register.

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Klutz <3

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And finally, Jam went into labor!

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Meet babyboy Cameron.

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Why not?

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Did I mention that Nyx lives next door?

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I bought them a phone. Zoran likes it a lot.

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Their landlord is a strange little man. He spends his days kicking gnomes and picking them up again.

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No luck with the contest.

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Cameron grew up! And he looks exactly like Jam!

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Cutie patootie <3

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Jam bought some toys and a new bed for the little prince.

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Lazy woman!

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Extra 3 000§, which they needed after losing most of their money at the beginning.

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No, Harry, that's not creepy at all...

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Addition to the gnome kicking, their landlord also loves to torment other residents...
Someone has some anger management issues..

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They ACR'd to TFB, but no chimes.

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A very green townie. He even has green eyes xD

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Zoran kept wanting to romance other sims, so he called the girl he shared his first kiss with on last round.

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But when she started making her moves, Zoran refused!

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This scenario repeated itself atleast four times.
They kept running to the bench naked and Zoran turned her down.
I guess he doesn't want to be that unfaitful to Jam after all. :)

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Although, he did get a positive affair memory from flirting with Erica.

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Jam is oblivious to all that.

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Cameron grew up to a child. <3

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Zoran felt the need to start educate his son about love..

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Like father, like son.

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On the last night, Cameron spent a while online chatting with other neighborhood kids.

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So, Cameron is going to have a sibling(s) next round!
Game notes:
- I deciced that I won't be forcing sims to TFB after they've had one, so it's all ACR from this point on. I did change their risky woohoo odds according to their personalities and aspirations, and Jam has a slightly higher chance of getting pregnant by risky woohoo. Unless T&Q kicks in, I don't really see these two having more kids than 2. *knocks wood*
- Jam continues to work in the City Hall as a server.
- I'm trying to break free from my controlling habits what comes to fulfilling even the most annoying wants (like with romance sims), so there's probably going to be a lot more drama in Clayfield. I was surprised (and pleased!) to see that Zoran seriously wants to stay faitful to Jam, even though he might have a momentary thought of having an affair with someone.
- Zoran's family recieved +1 990§ as tax refunds from this round.