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Clayfield - Round 7 - Never III

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Last time:

- Toby bought a grocery store
- He and Sia Novell got engaged and married
- Sia started struggling with her college work

At the beginning of this round they moved out of the Roomies household and into a house of their own.
Their new neighbors are Rocky Troii and Hamilton Gallagher with their families.

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Their task this round is to write two novels.

 photo ScreenShot5389.jpg

Sia called in sick to be able to study for her finals.

 photo ScreenShot5390.jpg

Toby hired another teen to work as a restocker, since Ed McSkittles went to college.

 photo ScreenShot5391.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5393.jpg

Kurt and Steve (right) were brought to the orphanage at the same time. I have a feeling that they are related.

 photo ScreenShot5394.jpg

For goodness sakes Harry, you won't find any groceries in the bathroom!
(Or if you do, you probably don't want to buy them..)

 photo ScreenShot5395.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5397.jpg

I think two witches is enough, so it's a "no".

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 photo ScreenShot5400.jpg

This is their little house.

 photo ScreenShot5401.jpg

"Well done, Sia, well done!"

 photo ScreenShot5402.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5403.jpg

A much needed makeover for Toby.

 photo ScreenShot5404.jpg

Looks like Sia likes it.

 photo ScreenShot5405.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5406.jpg

They celebrated Toby's makeover and Sia got pregnant.

 photo ScreenShot5407.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5409.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5410.jpg


 photo ScreenShot5411.jpg

She barely makes through each semester, so it's a relief that it'll soon be over!

 photo ScreenShot5412.jpg

What's this? Toby's visiting her mom's shop?

 photo ScreenShot5413.jpg

I wonder what did he buy?

 photo ScreenShot5416.jpg

Oh, a furry potion!

 photo ScreenShot5417.jpg


 photo ScreenShot5418.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5419.jpg

Looking good with that plate through your leg.

 photo ScreenShot5421.jpg

Pop #1

 photo ScreenShot5422.jpg

She seems to have mixed feelings about Toby's transformation.

 photo ScreenShot5423.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5424.jpg

They have a little garden in the backyard.

 photo ScreenShot5425.jpg

I love that effect!

 photo ScreenShot5426.jpg

Finally Sia graduated!

 photo ScreenShot5428.jpg

Pop #2

 photo ScreenShot5429.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5430.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5431.jpg

A little makeover to the store. There's now a break room for the staff.

 photo ScreenShot5432.jpg

Harry's staring at a teen girl... Not creepy at all...

 photo ScreenShot5433.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5434.jpg

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Sia finally started writing the first novel. They have a lot work to do!

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 photo ScreenShot5438.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5439.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5440.jpg

Sia maxed her creativity.

 photo ScreenShot5441.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5442.jpg

This want is going to get fulfilled next round.

 photo ScreenShot5443.jpg

Baby time!

 photo ScreenShot5445.jpg

Meet babygirl Aretha, who inherited Toby's hair and Sia's eyes.

 photo ScreenShot5447.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5448.jpg

Okay, who left the baby alone on the table?!

 photo ScreenShot5449.jpg

One more novel to go.

 photo ScreenShot5450.jpg

Aretha had a stinky birthday.

 photo ScreenShot5451.jpg

And Toby immediately rolled a want to have another child.

 photo ScreenShot5453.jpg

Hi cutie!

 photo ScreenShot5454.jpg


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 photo ScreenShot5456.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5457.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5458.jpg

Toby staid home to take care of Aretha, while Sia went to work.

 photo ScreenShot5459.jpg

He started writing the second novel.

 photo ScreenShot5460.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5461.jpg

Sia doesn't seem to care for Toby's cooking.

 photo ScreenShot5462.jpg

And on day 5, Toby called to the Orphanage.

 photo ScreenShot5463.jpg

It's Jeevika, the unibrowed cutie pie!

 photo ScreenShot5465.jpg

I think she'll get to sport those brows again when she gets older.

 photo ScreenShot5466.jpg

Aretha is already bonding with her sister. The girls are actually same age.

 photo ScreenShot5466_2.jpg

Game notes:
- I've always found Toby a little boring to play with, but after turning him into a werewolf he improved a lot!
- After noticing that Sia's LTW is to reach the top of Law career, I think I know what kind of community lot she will be running. I haven't figured out how to execute it yet, though.
- I just had to let someone adopt Jeevika before she grows up, and she seems to fit nicely into this family.
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