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Clayfield - Round 7 - Robertshaw

Another new household!

 photo ScreenShot5283_1.jpg
Features a sim by sixamsims

We'll meet two sims, who met and fell in love while living in Teen Center, where they caused a lot of drama and romancing.
After growing up they moved together to the trailor park and started building their own lives.

 photo ScreenShot5237.jpg

So, lets meet Rhett Robertshaw..
Aries 1-8-8-3-3

 photo ScreenShot5241.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5243.jpg

...and Debbie Olshfski
Gemini 4-7-8-3-3

 photo ScreenShot5242.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5236.jpg

ROS was gentle with them this round.

 photo ScreenShot5238.jpg

There's that single neat point.

 photo ScreenShot5244.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5245.jpg

As a fortune sim, Debbie took a loan and bought her own business.
She's going to host Clayfield's official cooking contests!

 photo ScreenShot5246.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5247.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5248.jpg

I disabled TFB for unmarried sims, just to keep the population under control.

 photo ScreenShot5249.jpg

...But it didn't work. :D

 photo ScreenShot5250.jpg

She's super fertile... It was her first time.

 photo ScreenShot5251.jpg

So, this is Clayfield's Kitchen Cook-Off.

 photo ScreenShot5252.jpg

And this is their official food judge, looking cheerful.

 photo ScreenShot5253.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5254.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5255.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5256.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5257.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5258.jpg

Deb prefers tai chi to greeting her customers.

 photo ScreenShot5259.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5260.jpg

It looked like no-one was going to participate on their own, so she had to be first.

 photo ScreenShot5261.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5263.jpg

And she won with her hamburgers. Astonishing.

 photo ScreenShot5264.jpg

Back at the trailor, Rhett is gossiping with one of his good friends, Vince Hardie.

 photo ScreenShot5265.jpg

They decided to adopt (poor little) Filia. :)

 photo ScreenShot5266.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5267.jpg

 photo ScreenShot5268.jpg

Then, Debbie sold her business back to the community. It wasn't going be very profitable, concidering her LTW, and the customers kept getting stuck with the ticket machine. So it's going to be a regular, city-owned community lot from now on.

 photo ScreenShot5269.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5270.jpg

I think she's cute, I really do!

 photo ScreenShot5271.jpg

Pop #1

 photo ScreenShot5272.jpg

His face got stuck.

 photo ScreenShot5273.jpg

Time to tie the knot.

 photo ScreenShot5274.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5275.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5276.jpg

Rhett seems excited on becoming a father. :)

 photo ScreenShot5277.jpg


 photo ScreenShot5278.jpg

Atleast there's now a place to fulfill that want.

 photo ScreenShot5279.jpg
 photo ScreenShot5281.jpg

Pirate won this round.

 photo ScreenShot5282.jpg

Debbie was bored at home, but atleast she got to fulfill some wants.

 photo ScreenShot5283.jpg

I don't think this was one of her wants, though...

 photo ScreenShot5284.jpg

Pop #2

 photo ScreenShot5285.jpg

And we'll have to wait for round 8 to see their baby(ies).

Game notes:
- I went back and forth with these two.. However, there was something about Debbie that made me want to give her an opportunity. And since she was already in love with Rhett, it made sense to make him a playable aswell. They had only low chemistry as teens, but now they are two-bolters.
- Debbie had a pretty rocky start at the Teen Center. She failed at school and was a little too willing to start fights with others (funnily enough, mostly Rhett!), so I felt sorry for her. They both are ex-townies; Debbie is one of EAxis pre-made vacation locals from Takemizu Village and Rhett has been running around the town homeless ever since Clayfield started growing. Rhett has been working as a restocker in Aden Never's Car Dealership since his teen-years, and Debbie used to work at Honeybear's store. At the end of this round she was hired by Joe DeCarlo to work as a second server at City Hall restaurant.
- I wanted to test, if the cooking contest-table was going to work on owned business lot, which was the main reason for Debbie to buy the lot. It was nice to see it working. :)
- Robertshaw's are getting +800§ as tax refunds this round.
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