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Clayfield - Round 7 - Bennett


Last time:
- Miss Kitty and Tyson McSkittles fell in love and got married
- Twins Zoe and Callie were born
- Two new businesses got started; a bakery and a treasure shop
- Two little dogs, Alia and Baron, were adopted and Kitty started aiming towards her LTW (raising 20 kittens/puppies)

We start with Ty's intense PT face.

Zoe (brown hair) and Callie are demanding their father's attention while Kitty is working.

Friendly neighbors...

Earlier this round Kitty was hired to work in late Angie Gallagher's soup shop.

Ty is having fun with housework.

Alia is having puppies soon.

A male puppy called Bobby, and a female called Astra.

Ty met a stray Basset Houd called Duke and adopted him.

Tyson dug up enough stuff to sell in his business.

Selling random crap to his family.

They really needed more money, so the grant was more than welcome.

Harry's shopping again!

Ty went home with 13 000§ extra cash from the grants!

Bobby and Astra grew up, and were put up to adoption right away.
I wanted to see more mixed genes, darn it!

The girls didn't take the puppies moving out too well... Both aspiration meters hit red.

Another try, this time with Duke.

They also adopted a puppy from the pet adoption center.

Time to dig some more.

Soon Kermit grew up aswell, and he was put back to adoption.

Finally it was Callie and Zoe's birthday.

Planning on having more kids, are we?
Actually, Ty kept rolling a fear of having another baby.
Which is really strange, concidering that he's a family sim.

I decided to start rolling ROS with each household. This round, Ty and Kitty had to pick 4 arguments.


Now, that's funny!
"How about making more kittens, baby?"

ACR is against them.

With the money Ty got from his business, they were able to pay back some of the loan Kitty had taken to start the bakery..

...Which just reached level 4.

Kitty has two employees: Chey Lee Troii and Manda Vai, who is one of the CTC teens.
Kitty's doing the baking herself, and they are slowly but surely filling their shelves with delicious cakes and pies.

The twins are inseparable.

Ty was in desperate need of a makeover, so here he is now.

Darn, those neighbors seem determined to make this family sick!

Finally Kitty could pay off her entire loan!

He's still holding on to this fear. And so is Kitty! What's wrong with these family sims!?

Three males (Orson, Dabbs and Murphy) and a female called Filia.

Poor kid.

Still no luck.

They needed something else beside sitting at home, so Ty took the girls to the playground.

..Where a mean girl made Hayden cry ;P

Kitty needed a makeover, too!

And I have to say, I'm really pleased with her new look. :)

And then, the puppies grew up! First is Murphy...



...OMG look at this dog! LOL...

...and the most succesful mix of Alia and Duke: Orson!
All four puppies were put up for adoption, and they are soon going to have new loving families.

The cop who came to take the puppies came while Kitty was taking a shower..

...Would you mind, please?!!!

Ty came back with girls just as the puppies were leaving. He took it pretty hard.

And so ends this puppy-filled update!

Game notes:
- So far Kitty has raised 7/20 puppies. She's almost half-way, people! It doesn't seem such a difficult LTW now, since you don't actually have to keep the puppies after they grow up to adults.
- It's possible that Kitty and Ty are going to adopt one of the orphans next round, as they kept TFB several times and always failed. But I so want to see a baby with Kitty's ears, too!
- This round the Bennett's will get +800§ tax refund.
- I've extracted Orson and I'm planning to upload him later. If someone is interested having any of the other puppies, let me know! :)
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