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Clayfield - Round 7 - McSkittles

I still have 2 more updates to post to catch up with the current game, so spamming continues! O_o

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Featuring a sim by sixamsims

Last time:

- Both their dogs, Ben and Pipe, passed away
- Edison grew up to a teen and started looking for a girlfriend
- Lotte and Pirate were kind of boring

First they adopted a puppy. This house need a dog!

While Ed came acquainted with Boris...

...his parents were doing some couch dusting in the livingroom...

Pirate hired more employees, like Dottie here. She's one of the CTC teens.

He already had the award, but not the review.

Ruth is anxious to give her own update. Patience girl, your turn will come.

This picture is 5th thousand picture I've taken for this bacc, believe it or not!
I take way too many pictures O_o

Boris grew up and looks just like Ben. He is one of Ben's puppies, after all.

Lotte's working on her 6th or 7th book.

She was chatting with Ty and invited him over.

Mother-son bonding over basketball.

New townies have come to check out Lotte's Spa.

"Umm...I'm not sure if I want to do this..."

I know, giving a massage to a guy that hairy is kind of scary.

She obviously needed to take a break after Harry...

This is his first time visiting the lot, btw!

Stripe looks confused and Izumi must be scared.

Peeping under the table is fun.

Greeting their new neighbor Celeste Hardie.

Pirate and Lotte had a vacation-want locked since last round, so finally they are going to Three Lakes.

I'm starting to get worried about the toy store...Some major glitches.
Or what do you say about this poor fellow having a price tag?! "Average §32"... I had to force error on him.

Now they have kites for sell!

I would be happier if there wasn't all those glitches..I don't know if the store ever reaches level 10 without crashing :(

I can never think of any good titles.

Time to get a mate for Boris! Meet Ebba.

Puppies are on the way!


None of them had a memory of having a magic lamp, but I think Ed is going to make use of it.

Again, Harry showed up to buy toys for Lexie. And ah-so-cute Vince Hardie is working as a salesperson.

Another glitch! Pirate's car got stuck on the business lot and he couldn't get in to go home.
I had to delete the car and call a cab, which appeared to the lot all wonky... Luckily he did come home safely! O_o
I'm positive that the lot is going to explode soon..

Ed invited Ruth over. And his week did get better!

He had his first kiss with Ruth while I was playing another household.

They are going steady now. Both very much in love ^^

I remembered to check his LTW again, and that's totally possible to fulfill.

After few calls to his friends he's already half-way there!

Lotte got fit after few hours playing basketball. She was as enthusiastic as a lazy sim can be.

Kitty, what are you doing?!!

That should teach you to mess with your parents-in-laws garbage.

On day 4 their shuttle arrived to take them to Three Lakes.

When they got there, I noticed that I had accidentally selected Tyson to join them on vacation.
I meant for Ed to go with them, of course.

They'll be staying in Evergreen Lodge by slyndsey

Lotte and Tyson went to a local Spa to get massages.

Lotte learned a new way to torture give enjoyable massages to Clayfield sims.

Both Pirate and Lotte had a fear of seeing a bigfoot. They must be traumatized by Harry..

While his parents were pretending to have a second honeymoon, Ty staid up all night chatting with a local.

...Or was he sleeping with his eyes open?

Aww <3

After 1 night they returned home, only to be chased by bees.

Pirate gave the ownership of his store to Ed.

It's time for him to start learning toymaking.

Dorris and Tyson were invited to double birthday party!

First is Pirate...

Wink wink.

...and then Ed grew up to YA.

What are you trying to do, Dorris...

I believe we've seen this before..

He wants his sweetheart to join him. Aww!

So off to campus he goes.

But don't forget: Ebba's about to have puppies!

...right now.

One female and two males.

I aged them up and here's Olga


...and Lars.
Too bad they don't look more like their mother. :P Which means, that we'll probably have another set next round.
Anyway, all three were put up for adoption.

At the end of this round, they gave a 10K donation to the city.

Game notes:
- First I was against the thought of Ed dating Ruth, just because she's atleast 4 years older than Ed. But now that they're already fallen in love autonomously and about to start college, it doesn't seem that big of a deal. But when they fell in love Ed was only 12 while Ruth was 17.. O_o
- Like I said, I'm really worried that the toy store is going to explode. I don't know what's going on there, but all kind of strange glitches are happening every time I play there. I must admit that having a random customer with a price tag was extremely hilarious...
- Lotte's about 6 years younger than Pirate, so she'll grow up at the end of round 8. I still don't know for sure what I'm going to do with her business.. I'm going back and forth. I do know that Ed has plenty of work with the toy store so he won't be continuing it.
- On this round the McSkittles' had to pay taxes a total of 4 500§.
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