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Clayfield Institutions: Orphanage

Clayfield Orphanage was started on round 1 by Danielle Doubreaux, an elder woman with love for children.
She works as a live-in social worker, taking care of orphans age 0-11. Currently there's room for 8 children and three toddlers. At the moment 4 children and 2 toddlers live here with Danielle and her adopted daughter.

The house is made by selenaq13 , credits for the decorations go to her aswell.
(I did only few minor changes to the floorplan and furnishings)

At the beginning of this round Danielle adopted a townie-teen Opal Raymond . Danielle has only about 7 days to live, so Opal is going to continue her work after she passes on. Opal will grew up to an adult next round.

They also have a cat named Fuzzy.
Pretty much all the children wanted to have a pet, most of them wanted a kitten so she was adopted and is now a much loved member of the household.

Danielle is a Family sim, who rolls constantly wants to flirt with someone. Here she's trying her luck with newly-widdowed Bennett Nova, but I don't think anything else is going to happen.

She went to Aden's Car Dealership to buy a van, and got glitched so that she staid away from home for 2 days (!!).
Luckily Opal was there with the younger kids. Imagine if they would have been taken away from the Orphanage by the NPC Social Worker...

Newest members of the household: Jules, who is currently a child.

(she actually was generated looking like this! How awesome is that?!)


...and Katerina.

The City hired a maid to help them. Unfortunately he seems to be an over-emotional type...
He started crying when one of the orphans was blocking his way.

But look how awesome he looks like! I swear I'll turn him into a playable some day...

Game notes:
- I've added new things to my BACC rules concerning the Orphanage. These live-in institutions (like Orphanage and CTC) don't have to pay taxes and they will recieve support from the city. Each round the city will pay 1 000§ per child plus a bonus/salary for the social worker: 200§ for each baby/toddler and 300§ for each child. The Orphanage will also recieve private donations from other households.
- Danielle is a born in-game sim from my previous Legacy. She's available for download here (Daniela).
- Like CTC, this institution isn't part of the regular update rotation.
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