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Clayfield - Round 7 - Roomies

New residents, woot woot!

On this round, several teens (ex-townies) grew up at the CTC. Six of them will be playable, and in this update we'll meet four of them.
On this round they're living together as the Roomies household.

Vince Hardie

Sagittarius 2-3-9-7-4

Blair Dingwall
Capricorn 7-4-1-8-5

Could happen in this BACC, but concidering that I have never had a level 10 business before...

He bought a rollerskating rink!

There's a stand to sell stuff, a public bathroom and of course the skating rink.

Customers pay with the ticket machine and some buy also videogames and postcards.

Blair was working for Pirate when he was a teen, so he already had some talent badges.

He's always trying to sneak to skate himself.

After day one, the first business reward was recieved.

Back at the apartment, the landlord is distracted by birds.

Vince fell in love with Celeste, while they were living at the CTC. He invited her over and asked to move in.

Celeste Meechan
Virgo 9-2-6-3-5

Of course ACR took over.

A random townie-friend called and gave Celeste the expensive tv.
Remember this picture. Okay?

Vince and Celeste adopted this adorable doggy named Duke. Too bad he's already an elder :(

Isn't he adorable?!

Blair fell in love with Christa Midlock at the CTC. She was also invited over and asked to move in.
Sagittarius 2-3-9-7-4

Vince wanted to take things to the next level with Celeste.

They also got married right away. Celeste took his last name, so here's Mr and Mrs Hardie.

Look at their faces x)

Also Blair and Christa wanted to get engaged.

They too got married, but I failed to take a picture of it.

Blair's business is doing well.

Vince is a standard knowledge sim. Always head in books.

Another townie perk, with a lovely EAxis fail. That's River who's calling.

Celeste makes awesome faces. And check this out: her eyes match the outfit!


Oh right, both of the ladies are pregnant. Christa with natural twins, unless T&Q throws me another curveball...

Yey for Ding-A-Ring!

Grandpa's skating competition.

Stop that face stuffing now and go to serve your customers!

Kurt looks like he's scared of the skating bigfoot.
Fear not, Harry may be big and hairy, but he's gentle.

Gentle and clumsy.


Remember the picture? They got ANOTHER expensive tv.

Don't look at me like that, Vince. You're the one who got her pregnant!

Seriously, another tv! No need to find ways to get money fast in this household..

Double Pop

Blair and Christa moved out to their own house at the end of this round. Vince and Celeste stay in that same apartment for now.

Bonus pictures:

While visiting Blair's business, Ruth and Edison were all over each other. Now they're both in love!
So no need to find a girlfriend for Ed anymore. ^^
Game notes:
- Some of you may remember seeing Vince, Celeste and Blair in previous updates while they were working for some of the business owners. Vince still works in Pirate's toy store and Celeste continues to work for Harry. Blair quit his job at Pirate's store to focus on his own business and Christa took his place and works for Pirate now. Next round also Vince may be starting a new business, which sells sports equipment (His OTH is sports).
- And yes, Celeste is one of those townie-teens who kept circling around Ed McSkittles on last round. After I decided to make Vince playable, it was obvious to let him marry Celeste as they already were in love. And btw, Celeste has the most terrible pregnancy I've seen in a long time... It seems impossible to keep her hunger and energy up!
- I was very pleasantly surprised by Blair's business. I thought all customers would only be buying stuff and not skating at all, but I was wrong! There's actually more sims going skating than those who are buying games or postcards! Also, I'm so glad to finally have a nice place to take sims out on dates/outings!
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