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Clayfield - Round 7 - Bigfoot

Not much commenting today. Enjoy the pictures.

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Last time:

- Another dog, Ursa, was adopted
- Rich grew up to a child
- They moved into a new house
- Harry and Hilary adopted a little girl,
- Puppies and lots of gardening

Harry's business got expanded. It's double the size as before.
Name changed too, it's now Harry's Farm Goods.

Emma visited her foster parents many times this round.

Harry was half an hour late coming home from work.

Wants to wash the dogs...Fears of dogs escaping bath. How exciting.


Harry got in.

Rich grew up to a Pleasure/Grilled cheese sim, with zero neat points.

Harry had a birthday too. Here he is scratching himself.

Hairy-butt is grey!

He walks like normal sims on home lot, but like a bigfoot on every other lot. Hmmph.

Donation for the school.

Game notes:
- Rich is going to inherit Harry's business, hence the urge to learn gardening among other things. I haven't planned yet what Lexie's going to do when she grows up. She'll become a teen next round.
- I changed back to Maxis servo, it just suits my game better.
- Taxes paid this round: 4 300§
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