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Clayfield - Round 7 - Gallagher-Nova

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Last time:

- The family moved into a new house
- Kittens took over the whole world
- Savio started college
- Bennett and Angeline went to Takemizu Village
- More kittens!
- Elfreda started college and moved to campus with Savio
- Ben got abducted

We start with a new business Angeline bought. This is Granny's Soup Kitchen.

It sells nothing but granny's comfort soup.
Angie hired Kitty Bennett to work as a food prep, while she handles the cash register.

Herman is now the only kitty in the house.

But not for long.

Nelly is actually one of the strays I created when the town first started.

No time for woohoo, here comes the first POP.

Stinky came to visit...

After the skunk was done dining in their backyard, there was a roach army to defeat.

And Angie got sick.
I probably should let you know that the realistic sickness-mod is back in my downloads...

MOAR kittens!

Poor thing.

POP #2

I made sure she gets plenty of rest, but she still keeps caughing her lungs out..

Day 2 and she's still sick.

And then Ben went into labor.

Oh, so it's two babies...

A boy and three girls.

Basking in the sun..

He rolled this want immediately after the quads were born.
He must have been thinking the same as I was.. Probably mistaking himself to a cat with the litter.

So Angie had to go to Honor's store to get a truck load of cribs and such.

Look at their faces!

Believe it or not, they still managed to fit everything in to that compact house. :o

And then, the kids grew up. So here they are:




...and Shevon.

Ben is two days from becoming an elder and he gets QUADS.
I still can't get over it. x_X

But they are so adorable. ^^

Angie tries to escape childcare to her music.

Dustin and Ainslee have their own room downstairs now.

...while Opal and Shevon's room is upstairs.
And yes, the kids are color-coded. Had to be done.

Ben maxed his creativity. And look at that nice row of PT memories!

Finally some alone-time.

I almost forgot: more critters are coming!

I think there was a male and two females. They all were put up for adoption for obvious reasons.

I have to say, Dustin's my favourite. <3


And then, after being sick for 3 days, Angie passed away early in the morning. :(

Right after that, Herman ran away :(

Ben was devastated.

He send Angie's grave to the graveyard.

With four young kids to look after, Ben has to go on as well as he can.

Shevon seems to be always making some kind of a mess.

After finally managing to put all the kids to bed very late on day 5, Ben had a lonely birthday.

So this is where we'll continue on round 8.

Game notes:
- Angeline's soup business was started just because I added the sickness mod back to the game. That way those sims who don't have anyone in the family with the aspiration benefit, can buy soup and get well after catching cold.
- Angie's death wasn't planned, she just didn't get well even after getting plenty of rest. She didn't have a chance to go to her business to get soup because Ben needed her help with the kids. So, it just was her time to pass on. :( She died on her birthday... would have grown to an elder the same day as Ben.
- Ben's going to continue with the soup business until he retires. I have my fingers crossed that the quads will grow up to teens before Ben passes on, so he can transmit the ownership to one of them.
- It worried me, that Ben wouldn't have much time to live after he grew up, but at the moment he seems to have 28 days. Thankfully he did have a pretty stable life (before this round). So the kids should make it to teens just fine. That is, if Ben dies of old age and not before..IF. :P
- I knew T&Q would bite me in the butt when I'm not expecting it. Having an elder sim taking care of four toddlers is a major curveball!
- Herman didn't return home before the round ended. :( I hope someone brings him back on round 8. He's still an adult cat, so hopefully he will be back alive and not as a tombstone. :o //end game note spam//
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