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Clayfield - Round 7 - Gallagher II

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Last time:

- Hamilton and Emmaline got engaged and married
- They moved out of the Roomies household and into their own house.
- Emma got pregnant and gave birth to babygirl Michelle
- Hamilton was busy with the pet store
- They adopted another cat, Alma

First Ham hired Savio back to work as a manager.

She also hired Audra Novell to work as a second restocker.

Some new stuff to sell.

Michelle likes to make a mess in the bathroom.

Bean <3


Tiny's still alive.

What did I say about her?

All the kittens were put up for adoption.


Trying for baby#2

Get out of there already!

Their house got expanded from the upstairs.

Alma's still stalking Tiny.

And we have another baby coming!

Poor Bean :(


Ham laid off Tyson since Savio took his place. He didn't like it.

Yes! Almost at 10!

More new stuff!

Meet Chip.

Last glimpse of toddler-terror... comes child-Michelle!


Bean is an elder now.

It's coming!

Another girl, Jennifer.

Emma managed to visit her book store once.

Steve here killed some flowers because of his aspiration failure.

And at the same time, Ruth fell in love with Edison! :o

Bennett came to visit his son's family.

Jen grew up.

PT Ham <3

Jen's adorable, but I still wish she would have inherited more Emma's genetics.

And that's it. I had a long day so there wasn't a lot of commenting.

Game notes:
- 3to2 conversion of the bird tree can be found HERE and scratchable trees are by Windkeeper, HERE (spacesavers_scratchingposts)
- Ham's family paid 700§ for taxes this round.
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