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Clayfield - Round 7 - Gallagher III


Last round:

- Dorris and Savio (with his cat Tix) became neighbors at CCU
- They fell in love, got engaged and married. Dorris and Savio that is. Not Tix.
- Starting of the first Greek House in CCU
- Uni life

Savio went to buy Tix some toys and threw bags to the floor after not being served in like 5 sec.

As being knowledge sims, both of them roll constant wants to study so they get good grades.

Always bringing pizza from campus.

And paying their fees after each semester.


Dorris is 2 years older than Savio, so she's going to graduate sooner.

She really, really wanted to see a ghost. But there was no time to visit graveyard. Must study!

Looks like Tix made his heart melt.

Toga party!

Dreaming about rats... Nice.


Stripe doesn't like to be spied at.

Dorris is the first sim to graduate CCU!

She threw a graduation party for her family, but was forced to leave campus before the party ended. :P
Savio was overly dramatic. It's not like she left him for good!

But even after Savio went to class, the visitors had a blast :D

Soon Savio graduated aswell.

He threw a party for his family too.

First time seeing this videoclip!

They moved into an apartment to wait for round 8.

Game notes:
- During their time in college they really didn't do anything else but studied, brought pizza from campus and woohoo'd. They also didn't really have time to get more members to the Greek house.
- Savio will continue working in the family pet store, Hamilton has to hire him back now that he's graduated.
- Dorris will return to work as a stylist in Lush's salon.
- They'll recieve a tax refund of 1 500§ from this round.
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