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Clayfield - Round 7 - Troii III

Earlier this round Mervin grew up to an adult and moved to his own place.
He's dating Elfreda Nova, who started her freshman year at CCU last round.

Elfy's cat, Othelo. <3

After finishing poorly both of the semesters of freshman year, Elfy moved in with Mervin.

They live in the same apartment as Galen Mifsud.

While Mervin was at work, she managed to start a fire. Othelo did his best trying to hissing.

Elfy didn't roll any wants to study, so in the end she was put on probation.

Matching PJ's!

First time.

Matching PJ Wedding FTW!

Elfy is the first sim in Clayfield to get expelled.
However, it didn't bother her at all. I think she knew at the beginning that college just isn't her thing.

Bun is in the oven.

Those two were boring to play with, so I send her to buy some plants for their home.

And that's it for now. I hope next round will be more interesting!

- ZzZzZz... It really was a boring round for these two. But fear not, there's certainly more things happening this round in other households.
- Mervin is going to buy the Clayfield Fire Station next round. He'll start selling fire alarms there. He's also possibly going to start a custom career as a fireman.
- Elfy continued to work at Emma Hamilton's book store after she was kicked off from college. Later she'll continue to run the Police Station, after Izumi passes it on to Mervin before she retires. So these two certainly are helpful for the whole community!
- These Troii's will recieve 900§ for tax refunds this round.
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