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Clayfield - Round 7 - Troii II


Last time:

- Rocky bought a bigger clothing store
- He got engaged and married to his long-time gf, Chey Lee
- They adopted a puppy called Hunter, who's in fact Hector's brother.
- Chey Lee became pregnant and gave birth to a babygirl Charis

First Chey Lee got a job at Kitty's bakery, but she had to take the first day off to take care of Charis.
Rocky went to check with the business.

Kurt Novell was hired to work as a restocker.

Mervin continues as the manager.

Back at home, Charis grew up!

Trying for baby #2

Hector (left) and Hunter.

Both dogs get lots of love from Charis.

Scary electronicly charged bottles..

Rocky got a new hairdo.

6 000§ to go.

Baby #2 is on the way!

Another Troii-family meeting, this time for Charis' birthday.


And here she is.

Charis got a magic lamp.

DressSim reached rank 6. They really needed that grant money, too.

It's spring and teens are going wild.

POP #2

And finally, baby time.

Twins! Both girls, with same genetics.

Meet Chanelle

...and Gisselle.

- Chey Lee is now working as a restocker at the bakery.
- They will recieve a tax refund of 1 050§ from this round.
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