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Clayfield - Round 7 - Troii

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Featuring a sim by sixamsims

Last time:

- Lots of birthdays
- Honor moved out after becoming an adult
- Mervin fell in love and started going steady with his childhood friend Elfreda Nova
- Stripe was busy with his diner and Izumi with the Police Station
- Vacation time at Twikkii Island
- They adopted an elder kitty named Stinky

Stinky needs a friend. Meet Luna.

Honor came to visit. She's about to pop soon!

Luna grew up.
She's one of the kittens Faline (Novell) had on round 2.

Maybe she's angry because she has been in the adoption pool for 6 rounds? :o

Iz wants to promote Angeline to a manager.

Hello 50K.

Iz donated about 30 000§ to the City and 5 000 to Roux's school.

Stripe isn't very handy.

Mervin grew up and moved out. He didn't want to go to college. We'll see him again later this round.


Hayden's after school activity. Good way to gain fun and badge skills.

And then also Hayden grew up.
His aspiration is Romance/Popularity.

Unfortunally that's not going to happen in this BACC :(

Iz isn't far from having that want fulfilled.

This takes me back..

Talking about the jail. Very appropriate.

It's spring already!

Stripe's Steak and Pudding is in rank 6.

It's surprising that Hayden wants to go steady, as being a romance sim!

WOW! Three bolts with Ash!

And they really hit it off.

They are going steady now.

Meeting boyfriends mom.

What's this? A family reunion?

It's Stripe's birthday, after all!

He's the first settler to grew up to an elder.

Iz isn't bothered by it at all. In fact, she'll grow up too on next round.

All four Troii kids together. :)

They had a good amount of money left, so there goes another donation for Roux.

- Being a wealthy family, the Troii's had to pay taxes for 6 000§ this round.
- Hayden started working as a restocker at Honor's baby supply store. Iz and Stripe are about to retire soon, so they'll have to figure out what to do with their businesses. Hayden has already plans for his adult life (as being the City's gardener), so he won't be inheriting either of the businesses. The Police Station will probably be transfered to Mervin's gf Elfy Nova, who has the Law Enforcement LTW, just like Iz. Stripe's diner will probably be sold back to the City.
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