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Clayfield - Round 6 - Summary and statistics

I decided to do a proper summary post after each round, so you readers could catch up easier.

Bennett (McSkittles II)

Miss Kitty, a new resident moved to Clayfield and won Tyson McSkittles' heart. They married and became the proud parents of twin girls Callie (left) and Zoe. Kitty opened a bakery and Tyson started selling stuff he finds in his backyard in his own little store. Kitty decided to try to fulfill her LTW (raising 20 kittens/puppies), starting with breeding their two little dogs.


Harry's alien son Rich grew up to a child and got a playmate, when Harry and Hilary adopted a sweet little girl named Lexie. Harry still keeps the city stocked with fresh fish and veggies, while Hilary is the manager of Honeybear's electronic store.


Honeybear has been busy with her shop, after it got expanded by both size and selection. Their son Galen grew up and and moved out, and now there's only Ruth living with her parents. What will happen on the next round, when Ruth grews up aswell and leaves her parents? Especially since Honeybear has been unfaithful to Morty, will their marriage survive or will they become the first divorced couple in Clayfield?

Mifsud II:

Devon and Lush are happily married and parents of the most adorable little girl, Finley. Lush's expecting their second child and at the same time working in her little Salon, while Devon is the manager in Andre Novell's music shop.

Mifsud III:

Galen is an independent artist who's planning to sell his artwork in a gallery of his own. He met and married a townie Marie and they're expecting their first child. Marie is currently working as a temp teacher in the Elementary School.


Angeline and Bennett love each other as much as the day they married. After all their children grew up and started their own lives, these two had plans to take a long vacation. Suddently, their plans changed after Bennett got abducted by aliens and is now pregnant with his second alien child.

Gallagher II:

Hamilton married his sweetheart Emmaline Bigfoot and they had a little girl Michelle. He's running the family business (pet store), while Emma is juggling with motherhood and her own little book store.

Gallagher III:

Savio and Dorris McSkittles fell in love and got married while still in college. They started the first greek house in CCU (Clayfield City University) and are planning to start their own family after they graduate.


Elfreda Nova went to college right after her brother Savio, and now she's living in a student apartment with her cat Othelo and going steady with Mervin Troii.
Will the pressures of college life become too great for her, or will she manage to find inspiration to study?


It was a sad round for this family, after both of their beloved dogs passed away. Pirate is still focused on running his toy store, Lotte works as an author and owner of the Spa, and their youngest child Edison just turned into a teen.
Which one of the businesses will Edison end up continuing after his parents decide to retire?


The mayor Joe is a happy man. He has a wonderful family: wife Sidley, a daughter Joelle and a son Elvis.
Joe runs the City Hall, as well as handles all the money business in the city. Sidley, an evil witch owns the local Magic Shop.

Never II:

Aden married Honor Troii and they're expecting their first child.
Their life is going to be pretty busy, with Aden's car dealership and Honor's baby supply store.

Never III:

Toby, Sidley's adopted son got married with Sia Novell. Toby owns a grocery store, while Sia is starting her Senior year in CCU.

Never IV:

Zoran, another adopted son of Sidley, started his own flower shop.
He married a townie named Jam and they are expecting their first child.


Roux is the busy principal of Clayfield Elementary School. After his adopted daugher Sia grew up and started her own family, he adopted two more orphans from the local Orphanage. Audra is going to continue in his father's footsteps and become a teacher, while Kurt's future is still wide open for possibilities. Roux got a surprise just before growing up to an elder, when he was abducted and is now expecting his first biological alien child.

Novell II:

Marylena broke up with her lover and father of their daughter after having affair with the mailman. While Damani moved on to work in the Clayfield Teen Center, their daughter Ashtoreth grew up to a teen. Marylena gave birth to twins Sunday and Korey, who look just like their mailman-dad Nitro. Ash is a huge help with taking care of her little siblings, while Marylena is working in her bar.

Novell III:

Andre and his witch-plantsim wife Pollyanna are living a cozy life with their twins Rocky and Chyna. Andre's selling musical instruments in his business, while Pollyanna is the manager of Sidley's magic store. Polly has had trouble concieving, but they hope to have atleast one more child in the future.


Stripe and Izumi are soon going to become elders. They've had a full life with 4 children, and now there's only two of them living home. Mervin is working in his brother's clothing store and Hayden recently grew up and started school. Stripe owns a local diner and Izumi is the leading woman in Law Enforcement, owning the Clayfield Police Station.
Which one of them is the first one to retire and who's going to continue with the businesses?

Troii II:

Rocky is a family-man at heart. He runs the local clothing store, which was first started by his mother and he finally married his teenhood sweetheart Chey Lee. She recently gave birth to a babygirl Charis, and is going to work in Kitty Bennett's bakery after her maternity leave.

Clayfield School pupils from R6:
[Pupils from the Orphanage and Teen Center appear in the photos]

Class 1, ages 6-11
[Standing: Roux, Joelle, Carlos, Hayden, Lexie, Rich and Rocky.]
[Sitting, from left: Branka, Dottie, Rocky, Chyna and Manda]

Class 2, ages 12-17
[Standing, from left: Marie, Audra, Kurt, Ruth, Aiden and Ashtoreth.]
[Middle row: Vince, Christa and Blair]
[Sitting, from left: Edison, Debbie, Steve, Celeste, Sabine and Rhett.]

Statistics from R6:

Births: 8
[Bennett, Mifsud II, Gallagher II, DeCarlo, Novell II, Troii II]
Adoptions: 3
[Bigfoot, Novell]
Deaths: -
New residents (Townie/CAS): 3
New residents total: 14
Households total: 21

New businesses: 5
[Bakery, Treasure shop, Flower shop, Grocery store, Art gallery]
Owned businesses total: 22

New institutions: 1
Taxes collected: 31 200 §
Tax refunds total: 15 600 §
City funds total: 78 600 §

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