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Clayfield - Round 6 - Novell

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Featuring a sim by pennysims

Last time:

- Kittens and cat fights
- Sia started college and moved out
- Roux was trying to stay sane while running the school

I thought it was high time for Roux to get a new house, so here's a little tour:

It's very compact but a welcome change from the trailor.
( House is slightly edited, originally by Plasticbox)

The school experienced some changes aswell. The cafeteria is now larger, with two cooks.
Now there's two class rooms, one for kids age 6-11 and one for 12-17.

Roux hired Marie Mifsud to work as a temporary teacher for the teens, while he teaches younger kids.

Looks like Marie isn't quite in control of her pupils..

Bubble and Faline are enjoying their new house too.

Roux heard that there's quite a few new children in the Orphanage and he decided to give a home to two of them.

Here's Audra, age 10.

And Kurt, age 7.

Both of them are half-aliens.

Bubble and Faline are fighting again. What's with those cats?!

Bubble beat her mom. :P

And then Audra grew up.
Her aspiration is Knowledge/Pleasure.

She makes the cutest faces!

And look! Finally someone with the Education LTW!


*Gathering a gnome army to take over the game*

Faline is sleeping here. :D

One night Roux decided to search for UFO's...

Oh yes.

So now he'll have his first biological child!

Then I remembered this. There's a chance that he gets that LTW fulfilled.

Faline became an elder.

And on day 5 Kurt grew up aswell.
His aspiration is Fortune/Romance.

It's going to be busy dating life, but we'll see if he manages to fulfill this.

First Pop!

There was a little havok at school one day. A fire break loose and several teens aspiration went red, which caused them to threw tantrums. One of the teens from CTC kicked the trashcan over and there was a massive amount of roaches running around. Which lead to this...

Pretty much every student became sick!

The only option was to make Mervin here cook Granny's comfort soup for EVERYONE.
And so the Clayfield spring flu epidemic was defeated! \O/
(Mervin was the only one with the aspiration benefit)

- Because of her LTW, Audra will be a perfect principal after Roux retires sometime on round 8 or 9. She will start working as teacher (and replacing Marie) when she grows up to an adult.
- With Roux's LTW, there's indeed a chance for him to die at platinum if Marylena ends up marrying Nitro later on and/or if his alien kid(s) grew up before he passes on. Roux has only about 6 days before growing up to an elder, so we'll just have to see... After adopting Audra and Kurt he has now adopted a total of 5 orphans! (Marylena, Andre, Sia, Audra and Kurt)
- I sure am glad that I removed the realistic sickness-mod earlier... Otherwise, with the flu epidemic there would have propably been a chance that someone would have died in every household! :P
- Roux's family paid taxes only 500§ this round. They had a very limited funds and Roux ended up having donations from the city to add the other class room and expand the cafeteria. I'll have to make some adjustments to the rules to add a regular support for running the school, similar to the Orphanage and Teen Center.
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