Maranatah (maranatah) wrote,

Clayfield - Round 6 - Novell III

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Last time:

- Pollyanna became Clayfield's first plantsim
- Twins Chyna and Rocky were born
- Andre was busy with selling instruments in his shop

Trying for another baby. So far, no success.

Twins continued to be adorable.

Andre hired his niece Ashtoreth to work as a restocker.

While Andre and Polly were working, Marylena was invited to watch the kids.

Felix <3

Since Polly doesn't have to sleep anymore, she has to find something to do at night. Fishing is one thing.

Good news for Andre's shop!

Sunbathing in early winter...

Polly fails in magic.

And then the twins grew up.

Teaching Felix how to die gracefully play dead.

It was a boring round for these two. Nothing to do but fulfill wants.

Felix become an elder.

Andre + poison ivy.

Tucking in <3

Double A+

And that's it. I hope next round will be more interesting with them!

- My memory fails now, but I think Polly finally became pregnant again at the end of the round. Maybe.
- Andre's family paid 1 600§ for taxes this round.
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