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Clayfield Institutions: Teen Center

Featuring a sim by miss_essa

Clayfield Teen Center (or CTC) is a home for previous townie-teens and teens that have grown up in the Orphanage.
It's part of the Orphanage and there's a social worker who manages the institution.
In this TC there's room for 9 teens. Damani LeCreuset is the social worker and manager of the TC.

That door leads to Damani's room...

..which looks like this.

There's no cafeteria cook here, so teens have to learn to cook by themselves.
On this first round Damani has handled the cooking, since the new residents don't know how to boil water yet...

There's plenty of entertainment, skilling objects and even a library of their own.
They also have minor pets, like a bird and womrat. Damani's dog is also well beloved among the teens.

There was a lot of first kisses on day 1.

Someone managed to start a fire, too...

And for some reason they also kept fighting a lot. First kissing, then slapping!

Damani helps the teens with their homework.

And he was thrilled when someone brought Ashtoreth home from school.
They got to have some father-daughter quality time too :)

- The idea of making a Teen Center came from [ profile] eien_herrison . Thanks again, Katya, for the inspiration!
- CTC is funded by the City. Each teen gets 400§ per round, and wealthier citizens give donations to help run the place. I've added info about my TC rules HERE.
- CTC isn't part of the regular rotation what comes to updates. I play it in rotation just like other households, but I'm not updating it here unless there's something special happening. So from now on, Damani doesn't get his own update. :( However, we'll see him and the teens of the TC in other family updates.
- In the CTC two ideas are combined: making townie-teens playable and adding new residents through the Orphanage. They will be added to the regular rotation if I like them enough. :P The teens that will not be part of the regular rotation will be turned into townies or YA dormies when they grow up in the TC.
- The building is a simple makeover to one of the Maxis pre-made dorms. Most of the furnitures were bought by the teens before they moved in, so their inventories were literally FULL of everything! After selling all useless objects they gained something like 80 000§ (!!!), which were donated to the City funds.
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