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Clayfield - Round 6 - Novell II

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Featuring a sim by miss_essa

Last time:

- Marylena had an affair with Nitro the mailman and became pregnant
- Ashtoreth grew up to a child
- Marylena and her baby-daddy Damani showed no interest towards each other

Nitro seems kind of confused with the whole situation.

Ash met and become friends with Lexie Bigfoot.

First Pop for Marylena.

She managed to go to check in with her bar couple of times this round.

Damani become friends with a stray called Alegra.

So he adopted her.

Impossible wants.

Since these two still showed no wants towards each other, Damani finally decided to break it off...

Ash was of course very upset about it, but her dad comforted her and promised to keep in touch regularly.
Damani moved out with his dog and we'll see him again soon.

Marylena didn't feel bad about the breakup for long.. Soon enough she bootycalled Nitro.

This toy fascinates me. Everytime a different discription.

On Ash's birthday Damani came to congratulate her daughter.

She's pretty!
She also rolled Romance/Family.

Baby time!

Twins! A boy and a girl with the same genetics from Nitro.



Some things never change :D

Finally the bar reached level 4.

Ash is a great help with the twins while Marylena is working.

On day 5 Ash adopted an adorable stray cat.

Marylena invited Nitro over for a date and he finally met his kids for the first time.

And then, Marylena got a much needed makeover.


- The break-up was a long-time coming. Marylena and Damani never rolled any wants or fears towards each other, and after Ash grew up they simply drifted apart.
- Marylena hasn't rolled any specific wants towards Nitro either, so for now he's not going to become playable. I'm planning to age him up when Marylena turns to an elder and atleast then move him in with her.
- This round Marylena's family paid only 600§ for taxes.
- Damani moved out to start working in a new institution, Clayfield Teen Center. Introductions are coming next!

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