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Clayfield - Round 6 - Mifsud III

I wasn't supposed to give Galen his own update during this round, but I have more pictures of him than I planned, so..

Earlier this round:

- Galen grew up to an adult (he didn't want to go to college)
- He moved out to his own little apartment
- He started his own art gallery, Gallery Galen

So this is how his little showroom looks like.

He's going to sell his own paitings here, but doesn't have enough to sell yet.
In the mean time he has to sell custom art.

During the first business day he earned a bronze stocking and cashier badges, and the business rank 1.
That 1 000§ grant was more than welcome, he didn't have much left.

Impatient customers...

Galen met this lovely lady through the Magic Ball. Her name is Marie.

They have two bolts!


And then, it's time to go check out the new Three Lakes!

He didn't have enough money to stay in a hotel, so off to camping!

Enjoying a little too much axe throwing... His eyes couldn't keep up with it x)

Galen wanted to become friends with this girl.

Good news!

He was just about to call Marie, when she called him! Clearly they can read each others minds.

They had a date and finally Galen got his first kiss.

Galen took her to dinner to Stripe's diner, where his father Morty works.
Nice uniform you got there..

So cute!

He maxed his creativity.

And asked Marie on another date.

Don't even try to look innocent.

They both fell in love and Galen asked Marie to move in.

She wanted to get engaged immediately.

Her aspiration is Fortune/Romance.

An impressive amount of skill points for a townie!


So, here we have Mr and Mrs Galen Mifsud!
Next round we'll see more cuteness, because Marie's pregnant!

- Marie is one of the sims born in my Queen Bee Challenge. You can download her here.
- And yes, I just realized that I gave her the wrong name when I added her to Clayfield :P Her real name is Inga, but in Clayfield it's Marie.
- I have no special plans for Marie's career. She's probably going to be an employee in one of the playable businesses.
- Galen's family didn't have to pay taxes on this round. They'll get 900 § refunds.
- At the end of day 5 they moved into a larger apartment, so next round we'll get to see their new home aswell.
- Galens art gallery is heavily inspired by mswn
- All the vacation lots seen in this update are made by slyndsey and they can be downloaded here. :)
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