Maranatah (maranatah) wrote,

Clayfield - Round 6 - Mifsud II

Featuring a sim by charterzard

Last round:

- Devon got married to Lush, an ex-townie
- Lush started a new business called Salon Lu
- Lush became pregnant and they moved into a larger apartment

Baby is on it's way.

Lush continues to give some questionable makeovers.

She also hired another stylist since Dorris is currently in College.

5K grant.

Which made it possible for Lush to pay half of the loan.

Devon went shopping for some baby supplies...

...and electronics.

He also got a new hairdo.


Meet Finley Mifsud :)


She's so freaking adorable!
And a perfect mix of genetics: Honeybear's eyecolor, Lush's eyeshape and skin plus Devon's hair and nose!

Trying for another baby, but ACR failed them this time.

I can't get enough of her, she's so cute!

Someone broke the dishwasher, but no problem: landlord to the rescue.

I haven't noticed before that those trucks have lights and everything!

Devon is dreaming about promotion, which is impossible to fulfill since he's already the manager in Andre's music store.

Still no luck.


Meeting their neighbors, Zoran and Jam Never.


Another thing I've not seen before!
Propably because I usually give toddlers those evil clown boxes...

Don't worry sweetie, you are going to be a big sister soon!
Yes, Lush is pregnant again.

And now, more cuteness!


- The Salon is currently rank 4. Lush will hire Dorris back as soon as she graduates (or drops out) from College.
- Devon's family didn't have to pay taxes this round, instead they will recieve 2 300§ refunds.