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Clayfield - Round 6 - Charter-Mifsud

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Featuring a sim by charterzard

Last round:
- Devon grew up to an adult and moved out
- Galen and Ruth grew up to teens
- Alia, an elder cat, joined the household after someone bought her autonomously

Ah, relaxing morning with pancakes.

Honeybear's electronic shop was on rank 7 in the beginning of this round.

Her shop got expanded quite a bit.

Honeybear had some trouble with a broken robot which insisted bringing dirty dishes to the lot.

She also hired couple of townie-teens, one of them being Sabine here.

Although it seems that Honeybear doesn't like Sabine that much.

Alia is a sweet old kitty.


Thanks a lot..

More new stuff to sell!

Then I noticed, that Ruth has two bolts with Edison. Never noticed that before!
Too bad that their agedifference is a tad too big for my taste (Edison is about 12 and Ruth's 16).

Then, Galen grew up.

He has plans to open his own art gallery.

We'll see him again soon.

After Honeybear got the 50K grant, she donated 10 000§ to the City funds.
New institutions need to be build, and what an awesome way to get rid of all that extra money!

Let's go shopping!

Morty desperately needed a makeover, and his daughter-in-law Lush did a pretty good job with it.

LOL...his face got stuck.

Ruth continues to work in Pirate's toy store.

Busy day at the store.

Then, while Honeybear was tending the store, she suddently rolled a want to flirt with a customer.

...and rolling even more wants about him.

We'll just have to see what happens with these two...
If Morty finds out about the affair, there can be quite a lot of drama on round 7!

And then, right after the business reached rank 9, the lot glitched. I had two choises: either to restore the neighborhood from an earlier backup (which would have meant losing about 2 sim-weeks of gameplay) or simply restart the business on a new lot.

So, I had build exactly the same business which is currently on rank 6.
But yes, I was pretty mad for losing all that time and work...

After the lot borkness, I had to move the whole family into another lot. Here's their new home.

After unpacking all their stuff Morty insisted trying to pet the skunk. He didn't get sprayed though.

Next round we'll see what happens with Honeybear's affair, and whether or not Ruth goes to college.
She's only 2 days away from growing up.


- After restarting the ZAPZ Electronics, Honeybear hired the same people as before. Hilary Bigfoot continues to be the manager.
- Honeybear's 50K grant gave Galen a possibility to start his own business. Gallery Galen will be opening soon!
- On this round, the Mifsud's payed -3 200§ taxes and donated extra 10K to the City, like mentioned earlier.
- It still bugs me that the business went from rank 9 to rank 6 after I had to restart it...But I'd rather play it again than lose weeks of playing (sim-time) in atleast two household. This just goes to show, that you should make backups after each household. *note to self*

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