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Clayfield - Round 6 - Never-DeCarlo

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Featuring sims by sixamsims and charterzard

Last round:
- Sidley gave birth to a girl called Joelle
- Joe was busy with the City Hall and Sidley's little magic shop was becoming quite popular.
- Aden, Toby and Zoran grew up to adults and moved out to start their own lives.

And then, came the moving day.

Joe and Sidley rented a large apartment from the other side of the town.

Joe kept rolling a want to become a warlock, but it was succesfully ignored.

And Joelle wanted to have a pet.

The Clayfield City Hall was rank 7 on day 1.

Joe hired some new faces to work in the restaurant.
His daughter-in-law Jam and townie-Albie are now working as servers.

Some teen flirting was going on aswell. Galen, however, was not interested.

Back at home, Sidley was checking in with her shop. Luckilly Pollyanna is a good manager.

Remember Hilda, the most adorable one of the Bigfoot puppies?
Now she has a new home!

Good day for Joelle: A+ and a dog of her own.

Sidley still keeps up with her witchiness.

This dog is killing me. Look at her!

Mervin and Stripe came to the shop for some sea shanty. Oh dear...

Come on guys, stop it.
*puts No autonomous sea shanty-hack in*

Magic Drops is now on rank 5.

I figured that I might aswell make them try for a baby, before Sidley's too old.


So, there's a little sibling on the way for Joelle!

Bad day for Jam. :P

City Hall is finally on rank 8.

...and they are now 20K richer than before.
They really needed more money, since the new apartment costs quite a lot.

Joelle saw Harry Bigfoot walking by and immediately wanted to experience a bigfoot-hug. LOL

Sidley has a room of her own to practise her magic. Although that room will be soon transformed into nursery.

A neighbor got sprayed by Stinky.


Oh no...Hilda, RUN!

...Poor doggy.

At the City Hall, they have two podiums now.
Joe stopped selling souvenirs and handles the other podium now if needed.

Relaxing reading outside...on winter-time.

...some interesting mesh issues...

And now, time to see the newest member of the family!

Meet Elvis DeCarlo.
And yes, his name was randomized. xD

Since I can't end this update without showing you how he looks as a toddler...
Let's all wave goodbye to this adorable little boy!  _o/


Game notes:
- There's some birthdays coming on round 7, as Joelle grows up to a teen and Sidley to an elder. Joe is about 5 years younger than Sidley, so he doesn't age up until round 8.
- This round the family had to pay 1 300§ for taxes to the city funds.
- I've extracted Hilda for my own use, but if someone would like to have her for their game, let me know! :)

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