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Clayfield - Round 6 - Never IV

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Featuring sims by selenaq13, charterzard, alleliua and sixamsims

Last round Zoran grew up and moved with his brothers to the Roomies household.

As being a romance sim, he wanted to start dating. First candidate was a townie called Erica.

They have two bolts, but I'm just not feeling it with these two.

On day 2 he moved to a little house of his own at the beach side of the town.

He also started his own little flower shop, Romanza Flowers.
Lot by slyndsey, slightly modified

After a long day at the flower store, Zoran finds Jam (charterzard) through the crystal ball.

Two bolts, people!



The inevitable.

He immediately rolled another want to go on a date with Jam. Kaching!

As we might (not) remember, Zoran worked as a restocker at Honeybear's store since he was a teen.
Now it's time to focus on his own business.

New day, new date.

Zoran rolled Family as his secondary aspiration, which means a lot of fun with his wants/fears.

And yes, he had also the fear.

And their first baby is on it's way already.

Celebrating their marriage with the family. All of them actually came there, even little Joelle.

Poor Aden had to sit all by himself. Aww..

Just a funny note: everyone else's food was fine but Joe's food was burnt xD

A toast to the happy couple!

Oh, and she's a Pleasure/Romance sim BTW.

Let's smustle!

They gained an extra bolt after the wedding!

Handsome walk-by: Hupert by selenaq13

First POP

Jam met a stray called Klutz while Zoran was at work.


Ah, Jes (alleliua)... I'd love to adopt you too!

I love his coloring :)

At the beginning of day 5 they moved into a larger home, which is the beige apartment here.
This is also the apartment where Devon and Lush Mifsud live in.

They are so cute together <3

Soon, little one...Soon!

Getting baby supplies from Honor.

Late at night, Sidley (sixamsims) visited her son and daughter-in-law.

...and this little thief and her household is next in rotation.
I swear, I'll get that gnome back then!

- Zoran's store reached rank 3 and he also gained a silver cash register badge and bronze sales badge. He already had a bronze badge in flower arragements, from the time he was a townie. (Originally he was a townie-teen who got aged down before Sidley adopted him)
- I'm so excited to have Jam as a playable! She's so adorable and I can't wait to see their kids! :)
- Jam is going to get a job as a server at her father-in-law's business (city hall).

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