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Clayfield - Round 6 - Roomies/Never III

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At this point there's only two residents in the Roomies household: Toby and Sia (and Nestor the Cat).
As we know, Hamilton and Emma got married and moved out, as well as Aden and Honor.
Also Zoran moved out to live in his own place.

On the first day, Toby went to his workplace to buy kitty stuff for Nestor.

Sia is starting her second year at the university.

Toby sold his gym and got a handsome profit from it.

With that money he bough the one business that should have been started a LONG time ago.
So, finally, Clayfield has it's own grocery store x)

While working at the pet shop, Toby managed to gain a silver badge in restocking.

So he quit his job there to focus on his new business.

Luckily Edison McSkittles came by rather quickly, and Toby hired him to work as a restocker.
Now all my teens have a job!

Nestor ♥

As a college student, Sia has to pay 500§ per semester to the City funds.

You might remember, that these two have been going steady since they were teens.

Nestor loves attention, even from the newspaper girl.

Toby keeps wanting to earn 62 500§ after he sold the Gym.
Even while the want isn't locked, it still keeps hanging in the want bar.

Toby is one skill point away from maximizing his creativity. He used to love to draw and play instruments as a child.

After her first semester on Sophomore year, Sia started to struggle with her grades. Before that she rolled wants to study, but now all she wants to do is earn money and gain skill points. She does have the fear of failing her semesters, though, but that's all.
Is it a temporary motivation loss or something more serious?

After getting bored with these two rolling wants about everything else than each other, I pushed them to take the next step.

They would be a lot more adorable with clothes on. Just saying.

Aden and Honor are living upstairs, so Toby can visit his brother any time he wants.
Although there was a strange glitch with these two: Toby didn't even have Aden in his relationship bar!
And when he finally appeared there, they had 0 relationship! :o Before they grew up, they were best friends so I have no idea what happened.
Anyway, Sim Blender FTW and now they're best friends again.

Toby influenced Sabine to flirt with Ed...

...who was terrified xD

I rolled a dice to see if I should change her aspiration, and the answer was no.

Toby's secondary aspiration turned out to be Family, so he finally rolled a want to marry Sia.

And I'm getting frustrated with the fact that my YA's still can't get pregnant. I want babies!

They both rolled a want to go on their honeymoon, so they'll probably get there on next round.

Having a date with her husband. It's a good thing that she want's to see him again, right?

Gorgeous Date Flower Replacements by Almighty Hat 

Daniella, the Orphanage social worker, got lost in the store's bathroom. That's pretty alarming.

Good news for Toby's store!

Then, the townie Celeste ACR'd her first kiss with Ed!
Why must everything happen while I'm not controlling them?!

Never tried the motivational speech before.

Darn, she keeps flirting with Edison!

So Toby with his influence points to the rescue!

Can you see that I want these two to end up together?

Another awesome replacement that's going to stay in my game 'till the end of time.

I did say that she struggles, right? Grades are getting lower each semester. But luckily she has only about 3 sim-days left before graduating, so I hope she'll hang in there for just a little longer. It would be dumb to drop off at this point.

And this is their apartment, btw. They have two extra rooms in case some newly aged adults move in with them.

And that's it. It was a boring round for these two.

- Like I mentioned, there's only 3 sim-days to go before Sia graduates and grows up, so hopefully they'll get their own family started properly on the next round. I want to see some babies!!
- Speaking of college, I find it interesting that after I wrote the rules (about the University costing 100 000§), I noticed that building the Clayfield Student Center actually cost the same amount! :) So literally, the city paid 100 000§ from the city funds to build it.
- Also, after deciding to charge 500§ per semester for college students, the City is gaining money faster to set other institutions to the town. Next big projects are funding the Teen Center and Retirement home.
- Even though Toby and Sia are now married, they are like placeholders for the Roomies household. When the next new adults move in, they'll move out to their own house.
- Toby's grocery store is now known as Never Groceries, and it's one of my MMO's from Belladonna Cove.

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