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Clayfield - Round 6 - McSkittles

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Featuring sims by sixamsimsslyndsey , aelisc and noodlesims

We start with a sad note. Ben passed away on day 1. :'(

Strange ways to grief...

Pirate wants to kick the Grim's butt.

And Lotte wants to write her 6th novel.

Edison is having a good week in general.

At the toy store, Pirate layed off couple of his employees.
Sorry Albie, first you lost your chance with Dorris and now you lost your job. :P Townie life sucks.

Also this townie had to go. Instead Pirate hired three teens; two townies and the first orphan teen.

Fern Greenfield ( aelisc ), rocking his plantsim handsomeness ;)

So, Lotte started her 6th book. It's called Retirement Life. xD

Edison is busy with making new friends. He constantly rolled wants to get to know the orphans.

At the spa, Lotte was trying to butter up the reporter for a good review.
Apparently she was a little too relaxed to stay and give her review, since she left right after.

Iz and Stripe are having some...public action.

Don't believe him...

...see? I think he was trying to play hard-to-get.
Seriously, if a sim refuces for a massage, just ask them again and they'll probably say yes.

My sims roll the encouraging wants very rarely.
But seriously Lotte, don't even think about it. It's enough that you have 0 activity points yourself!

FINALLY! It takes ages to reach to the next rank with this business.

I wish this would mean also more customers!

Another day at the toy store...and Angeline gets lost with their new selection.

The orphan teen is called Steve, btw.
You'll see more of him either at the end of this round or on round 7.

A townie boy named Vince is so adorable that I'm fighting an urge to make him playable.

This girl really, really wants a dollhouse...

A little change in the store: more toys and refurnished shelves.

You know what every teen boy wants... Dolls.

The reporter came by and smiled a lot. Ruth kept staring her with her uniform-failed eyes.

Then I noticed this! I know for sure that the reporter is a single, not married! :O WTH?!

*giggles* I love these evil toys...

They seemed to lost couple of stars but gained them back.

At home, Edison is enjoying the weekend with games.

...and playing with Pipe.

Look at this face!
Edison has 8 nice points, and it shows. :)

Ah, those ears!
Finnick by slyndsey

Pirate's son...playing pirate.

Lotte's novel sold well!

Edison met adorable stay called Kawaii, but it ran away too soon. :P

Ed also now has his own room, which got makeovered a bit.

They had a lot of money (around 45K), so Lotte donated some to the Orphanage (Danielle is the social worker there) as well as to the City.

Then, it was time for Edison to grow up. Pirate called Ty and Dorris over to have a party, and what did D do?

She tried to steal the gnome, got zapped and run away. Nice party folks...

So, Edison celebrated with his dad while Ty felt more important to play basketball.

I really need to have more b-day parties...I've never seen the cutscene before!
(and I'd have taken better pictures, if the camera hadn't frozen in the middle of it!)

His aspiration is Knowledge/Fortune.

Okay, so it wasn't a total flop.

Delilah (noodlesims), who's nose is simply delicious!

And then, it's time for another sad note.

Pipe joined Ben to the sim-pet heaven. :'(

Seems inappropriate to show this picture after Pipe's death, but anyway.
Here's Lotte celebrating life with dessert.

Pirate gave Edison his birthday present: a cellphone and the toy helicopter
(which, no doubt, will be tormenting me for days to come).

Isn't he precious?! ♥
I think he's my favourite of the McSkittles kids.

Some family fun. Pirate seems to be a sore loser.

Visiting the local playground and meeting fellow teens.

Ed seemed to fancy Ruth, but they actually have only 1 bolt.

He does have two bolts with Celeste here, who apparently told her lifestory of being a alien spawn.

Sabine here also has two bolts with Ed.
Hmm...Blue babies with possibly alien eyes...Hmm...

So which one does he like the most? Or will he find a sweetheart amongst the other playables?
I guess we'll have to wait for round 7 to find that out.

And we end with their loading picture, which looks sad and empty without the dogs. :(
I think they'll need more pets on the next round. Maybe that adorable stray... ;)

- I was at the edge of making Lotte sell her business to the community, but I think she's just going to give it to Edison. Perhaps he can make the business shine? Edison is also going to inherit the toy store after Pirate retires.
- For some reason I was really bored with this family this round. :P I had to take something like three playing sessions just to get throught all 5 days!
- I know I promised vacation pictures last time, but during the round I restarted all the vacation hoods (to add some Eaxis locals there, just for fun) so they lost their vacation homes because I didn't remember they owned any xP Anyway, Pirate has a locked want to go on a vacation, so maybe they'll go there next round.
- The McSkittles paid 4 200§ for taxes, plus the total of 15 000§ as donations to the Orphanage and the City funds. I'm going to make other rich families donate to the city aswell, since there's a need of money for the Teen Center (which costs an additional 25 000§).

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