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Clayfield - Round 6 - Gallagher II


Featuring a sim by noodlesims

Last round Hamilton moved into an apartment, and started the Roomies household which included several newly aged adults.
One of his new roommates was his girlfriend Emmaline Bigfoot.

Emma wanted to get engaged to Hamilton, so he proposed to her on day 1.

They got married about 2 seconds later and moved out of the apartment into a little house of their own.

Hamilton needed help with the pet shop, since Savio went to college and couldn't help his brother anymore.
So Toby Never and Tyson McSkittles were hired as temporary help.

Nova's Pet has also a larger variety of small pets now.

Back at home Emma had finished decorating their new home.

It's only a small house with 1 bedroom, but there's space to expand.

...and they need to expand the house quite soon, since Baby Gallagher is on it's way already.

Mr Bean is enjoying himself in the new home.

Their welcome wagon was the Never's, Aden and Honor, who kept waving at each other. Silly sims.

Honor is also one of Emma's best friends.

Oh look, Tiny is still alive!

Buying baby supplies from Honor.

First Pop.

Also Ham got a makeover. Looking pretty hot!

It's strange that Ty doesn't have the uniform bug, but Toby and Hamilton have... :P Nice work EA.

New breeds!
(Basset Hound from MTS)

While Hamilton is working, Emma has very little to do at home. Just come cooking...

...watching TV and playing with Bean.

She rolled Romance as her secondary aspiration. Followed by a want, that's not going to be fulfilled.

They are so cute together!

After getting more grant money for the pet shop, they could expand the house and build a nursery upstairs.

POP #2

Silly knowledge sims...All of them want to become witches/warlocks now!

Look who's visiting the pet shop!

*secretly hopes there was a way to add penguins as pets*

More money!

Hamilton's shop has now a break room for the staff.

Since Bean is soon going to grow up to an elder, I wanted to get him a mate and kittens.
So they adopted Alma.

I also added bunch of new townies to the city, one of them being Matilda by noodlesims.

Three kitties and atleast 1 baby on the way!


It's a girl called Michelle.
She obviously inherited everything from Hamilton, which is a bit disappointing... but we'll see if she has features from Emma too, after she grows older.

On day 5 Emma finally could check her own business, the bookstore, while Ham was home with the baby.
It was surprising to see that, despite of being a YA, Elfy still showed up and works as a cashier. :o

Hello there, Nitro.

Alma loves to stalk poor Tiny... Leave him alone!

Ham has some...extraordinary parenting skills.

And then Michelle grew up! She looks indeed just like her daddy.
They even have almost same personality points.

PT Ham ^^

Those tiny little hands around her daddy's neck... AWW!

Michelle's nursery got some new furnishings: a cute little reading corner.

Good night sweetie pie ♥

...and at midnight Emma became pregnant again.

- I was really surprised to see Elfreda coming to work to Emma's store, while Savio didn't show up to the pet store. Weird! But I'm certainly glad to see that YA's can still work on the business lots. Atleast some of them.
- Ham's pet shop is currently on rank 7 and Emma's book store on rank 6. Emma is propably going to have to expand her shop on round 7, since the original 1x1 lot is getting way too crowded with customers.
- And yes, I think I became obsessed with kittens after watching all the kittens grew up at Ham's parents house in last update. ^^ Also, I really wanted Bean to have kittens since he's not far away from becoming an elder and passing on.

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