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Clayfield - Round 6 - Gallagher-Nova

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I changed my alien defaults to match rest of the skin defaults. These new one's are by Leh.
So, Elfy got a little makeover (makeup wise).

Angeline became Stripe's stalker...

Herman and Tix are still adorable.

And I almost forgot that Tix was about to have kittens!

Three white kitties, two boys (Othelo and Elmo) and a girl (Belina).

Since the teens are soon going to grow up and leave the family house, I moved them into a smaller house.

New house, new look!

Angie was happy with the look Lush gave her.

But Bennett... Not so much.


Discovery: if a sim is visiting a community lot, other sims can still call them there! Never seen that before.

Family lunch at the City Hall.

I also discovered that while being non-controllable, Angie had taken three (!) photosets of herself.
Angie really likes Angie.

Lot by Plasticbox at MTS

Kittens grew up! First Othelo (my absolute favourite)...


...and Elmo.

House full of cats!

Then I remembered... Angie wants to raise pets!
So yes, I'm crazy enough to try to fulfill her want.

Savio was serious about going to college (he kept the want almost his whole teenhood), so off to college he goes.


He's into mathematics.

Then, both Angie and Ben rolled a want to go on vacation.

But first they gave Belina and Elmo up for adoption.

Tix and Herman are working to have a new litter.

Othelo is ♥

Like a boss.

Cute Sleepy Ben.

And off they go, to Takemizu Village
(keoni_chan, I blame you for this! ^^)

They'll be staying at the Flaming Dragon (or something like that).



Ben is such a workaholic. He wants to get back to work, on his first vacation day!

Oh look, a Ninja!

Damn you!

Still bad luck with tours.

Unfortunately they didn't get to go to the secret lot, because their vacation ended and they were forced to leave.

Savio is constantly rolling wants to study, like a true Knowledge-sim.
His secondary aspiration is Fortune.

Elfy continues Angie's stalker career... Behind her is her new and shiny moped. Isn't that cute?

Stripe has had enough with this family's hobbies...

Savio finished his freshman year with top grades.

He also met Hilary Happyfeet, who he shares two bolts with.

We'll just have to see what happens with these two. They would be a cute couple though. Both of them being a shy type.

Drew by xbeccyx, looking good and pale.

What every teenager needs... Othelo!

They make a loud noise.

Oh no, not Savio too!? What's with this family!?

Only one new kitten in the house.

Say hello to Arthur.

Also Arthur was put up for adoption.

Othelo: "Dad...what're you doing?"
Herman: "Son, this is how you BEG from your master!"

On Elfreda's 18th birthday, she wanted to join her brother and other YA's in the hood.

On day 5 Savio, Elfy and Tix moved out to start the college life in their own little house.
Tix moved with Savio, since she had the best relationship with him.

Ah, now the house is empty and Ben can start to prepare for the golden years with Angie.

Oh wait, what's that?!


And do you want to know the irony? He was only 6 days from becoming an elder!

- Bennett's abduction was totally unexpected, I still can't believe that he managed to do that...Just when I thought it was time to start preparing for retirement and everything! I was actually watching a livestream at the same time (I think it was meetme2theriver's) and all of the sudden poor Ben was sucked into the spaceship. It was both hilarious and tragic at the same time. So now, there's going to be another alien baby (or babies!) in the house on round 7!
- I extracted Othelo, in case someone wants him for their own game. I just love him so ^^ and this comes from a simmer, who is not at all a cat-person in RL (in fact, I'm terribly allergic to them). ;P Sooo..If you want to have Othelo, just ask! Also other his littermates are possible to adopt, so let me know.
- I decided to include tax info of the current household at the end of each update. So, since both Savio and Elfy grew up and moved out during this round, the Gallagher-Nova family is now one of the highest tax-paying families (- 6 700§). Luckily they had quite a lot of money after selling their big house.

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