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Clayfield - Round 6 - Bigfoot

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Featuring sims by xbeccyx and lots by selenaq13 and Plasticbox

So what's up with Harry and the gang?

He needs desperately new employees to his fish market, after Aden grew up and started his own business.

So he hired couple of townie-teens to work as restocker and cashier.

Hilary took a day off from the electronics store to stay home with little Rich.

They adopted a mate for Mr Donny.

Meet Ursa.

Stay alert, girl...Stay alert.

Puppies are on their way!

While they are busy with the garden, business and childcare, this unusual couple doesn't have much time for each other.
But when they do, they make the most of it.

Happy birthday Rich!

Child labor or getting ready to inherit the business?

Still thinking about possibly having a werewolf-servo.

On day 3 I finally decided to move them to a bigger house. It was about time!

Gosh, how adorable Rich is!!11

Now they have a much bigger greenhouse and several fruit trees.

Modelling new eye defaults.

Donny-boy ♥

I send Harry to the store to buy some new clothes for Rich, and guess what I discovered?
By default Bigfoots can't buy clothes even for someone else!
It made me mad, too.
I ended up cheating - luckily TestingCheats lets you buy clothes from the racks and money will be taken from the funds normally.

Chatting with his future school mates.

Got a problem with pets peeing all over the place?
Get a robot to clean up those pesky puddles!
/end commercial messages

Rich's first day at school.

Two males, Hero and Hermit, and a female named Hilda.

While the rest of the household is sleeping, Hilary teaches the dogs new things.

Looks like Rich wants to keep Hero to himself.

Harry's store got the 50K grant.

And now, doggy spam! Puppies are growing up...

Hilda (or as I prefer to call her...SQUEEEEE)

Hermit (on the left) and Hero.

They put Hermit and Hilda up for adoption, but they won't stay in the adoption pool long!
Seriously, I want a dog like Hilda in RL :D

And then, time to get a sibling for Rich!

Meet Lexie Bigfoot.

Harry had to cry a little for losing the puppies before...

...he gave his daughter a big warm hug.

New faces in Clayfield, part I: Drew Manson by xbeccyx
as a fake vampire

While following what my sims were doing indoors, I noticed that someone was screaming outside.
Ty was trying to steal their gnome!

Little Lexie Grey after makeovers.

New faces in Clayfield, part II: Quail Tumblebee by xbeccyx

*cough* Hey Harry...

It's Mara!Time

Hiiilaaaryyy, I've got a surprise for you...

New addition to the house.


Game notes:
- Harry's fish market (Fish for Me by selenaq13) reached level 7 at the end of the round. Next round they'll probably have to expand it a bit.
- Their new house is a pre-made house by Plasticbox that's included in the original Baskerville. I just gave it a proper makeover for this family.
- Harry is 5 days away from becoming an elder, so next round we'll see a grey Bigfoot.
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