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Clayfield - Round 6 - Never II

This time it'll be a short update, since it was rather boring round for these two...

Now we'll see how Honor Troii and Aden Never started their lives after growing up to adults and moving to their own place.

Aden's car dealership got a good review.

He sells mostly bikes to the residents of Clayfield, which is a nice eco-friendly touch for the city.

Getting new clothes from Rocky's store.

Honor had couple days off from work (weekend), so she stayed home and dived into cooking.

They moved from the Roomies household to a flat of their own, which has 1 1/2 bedrooms, 1 BA and an open kitchen/livingroom.

First time.

ACR'ing, without rhymes.

Private wedding in their own livingroom. Honor took Aden's name, so say hello to Mr and Mrs Aden Never.

At work, some townie approached Aden with a questional suggestion. After all, he just married yesterday!

Aden's brother Toby came to visit one day.

Aden had to hire some help to the car dealership. A townie-teen is handling restocking while a random townie works as a salesman. But only temporarily.
I can't wait to find some playable sims to fill those jobs!

Aden also expanded the selection in the store. Now he sells Harleys, too!

Honor was really really bored at home...

They seem to have problems with getting pregnant. :(

Oh look, brand new mopeds!


Yey, the bun is finally in the oven!

After hard work with the car dealership they finally had enough money for Honor to open momma Izumi's old baby supply store.

After coming home from work (waiter at the cityhall), Honor got sick :(
I'm glad that I removed the sickness hack, so she shouldn't be in such danger.

She also decided to quit the waiter job to focus more on her new business.

...and, of course, taking care of her baby who's going to be born on round 7.


Game notes:
- Aden's car dealership reached level 5 during this round. That's one of the fastest growing businesses in the city!
- I wanted Honor to continue her mom's old business for two reasons: 1.) I wanted that it would stay in the family and 2.) there's going to be plenty of playable customers who need supplies for their growing families during the next two rounds.
- After getting married these two are known as the Never II family on the family list (Clayfield Archive). The same principle goes with other new couples from playable families: after they marry, the woman will take her husband's last name. If a playable marries a townie, the townie will take playable's last name.

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