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Clayfield - Round 6 - Troii II

I know I've been spamming a lot lately, but I have one more update ready to be posted.
Let it celebrate my official summervacation which started today!

First off, Rocky sold his clothing store to buy a bigger one!

He also started showing interest to his roommate and girlfriend Chey.

And this is his new store, which is still known as DressSim.
(The Frippery Frock MMO)

Looks like Rocky can read my thoughts (or I can read his!) since he has same plans for Mervin as I do!

So Mervin started working as a restocker, only to be promoted to manager on his first day.

Later on day 1 Chey officially moved in and became a playable.

She even has the exact same LTW as Rocky. Not going to happen, though :P

Surely you remember Hector?

Time to take things to the next level.

...and the next one after that.

I'm glad they worked things out and ended up staying together. Because they are cute!

*distracting sounds*

I decided to have them adopt one of Hector's littermates. All the puppies in the adoption pool are his siblings..

So here's Hunter.

AWW! He immediately started snuzzling his little bro. ♥
In reality these two are same age. :P

Chey befriended with Miss Kitty and decided to get a new hairdo. I use this hair waaay too much.


Hunter grew up a little earlier and he looks just like his mother Pipe.


Chey and Rocky have always had only 1 bolt so it was time to change that. Now they have 2 bolts.


Chey wanted to buy a car so off to Aden's car dealership.

On the way back home she stopped by to Kitty's bakery and they decided that after the baby is born, Chey's going to come work for her.

Hector is already an elder :( Time flies so fast!

Late supper with Stripe.

And now, baby time!

One baby, a girl named Charis.

Wow, recessive genes are really kicking in this round! Charis has her grandma Izumi's eyes.
We might remember that all Iz and Stripe's kids inherited Stripe's eyes

But we'll have to wait until round 7 to see how she looks as a toddler. :P

Game notes:
- Rocky's store reached level 5 in just 4 days, so it's at the same level as the previous shop was.
- Chey will work at Kitty's bakery on round 7, like I mentioned earlier. I decided not to give her a business to run (although there is some businesses that need to get started ASAP) ; only original playables will own businesses in Clayfield.
- On day 2 they moved from the apartment to a house of their own, which is one of my old MMO's from RbH. I just noticed that I've completely forgotten to share it! :o 
EDIT// Their house is now available here: MMO 147 Huckleberry Lane

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