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Clayfield - Round 6 - Troii

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We start with birthdays! Three of them, to be exact...


Honor, who grew up to an adult and moved in with the Roomies household...

...and Mervin.

His aspiration is Family/Grilled cheese.

Stripe may have lost some of his hair but not his charm.

Stripe is busy with his business, which now goes by the name Stripe's Steak and Pudding.
He had to hire another server (townie, who will be replaced with a playable sim ASAP) to keep up with the customers.

Their garden is thriving...

Izumi gave some jail time to the familiar burglar, who broke into the Novell house last round.

Hilarious memory.

He kept dreaming about Honor, who he has never even met! Hmph..

Burglar alarms are going like cakes.

Rally forth!

...and now I know how dangerous this perk really is. Needs are going down REALLY fast!
Ignore the stupid uniform fail

Iz hired Angeline Gallagher to work as a restocker. Finally a new job for her!
These two are old acquaintances; Angeline worked as a manager back in the days when Izumi was running the clothing store.

As a Family sim, Mervin wanted to find that Someone Special.
It turned out that he has two bolts with his BFF Elfy Nova!

He ACR'd his first kiss with her. And darn, they are so cute together!

Both fell in love right away and started going steady. Aww!

Honor came to visit.

Mervin found out that he can actually share his passion for GC with his dad.

Hayden wanted to get a ballet bar.

And on day 4 they all went to their vacation home at Twikkii Island.


...and after.

Woops...She actually made it to the toilet but still decided to pee on the floor. Fail.

Sea chanty... I have a feeling that this decision is going to bite me in the butt later.

Mysterious Hut.

Mervin had the most mechanic points so he fixed most of the stuff there.

Voodoo doll = checked.

Learning hula from the witch doctor.

After returning home they adopted a cat named Stinky.

Too bad that he's already an elder. But so adorable!
It's pretty annoying that you can't always tell their age by the picture in the adoption pool...

Oh ou...

Now Hayden may be in trouble!

Game notes:
- Stripe's restaurant is currently on level 5 and the Police Station on level 4.
- Stripe and Izumi both have only about 5-7 days left before turning to elders. Next round Hayden is going to grow up to a teen and Mervin will start his adulthood or go to college, what ever he wishes.
- I already have planned Mervin and Hayden's future what comes to their careers. Mervin is going to work in his brother Rocky's clothing store as a manager, and Hayden will become the official gardener of Clayfield. His OTH is nature, which gave me the idea. He'll work like the NPC gardeners in the game; be summoned or invited to lots that need gardening help and of course get paid. He might also start a garden business, where he sells outdoor plants, trees and such. (Kind of like what Sidley Never did in the beginning, but in a larger scale) I'm already really excited about his future!

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