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The Tarina Legacy 3.5

Minimal commenting this time, my brain doesn't function well with the spring flu. :(

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Proper Headmaster for this family, right?

Asia grew up to an adult.

She has plenty of time to take care of the two businesses.

Basil's playing MySims.

In case I forgot to mention this earlier.

Family Hula.

More exotic hobbysims.

What's with his face!?

They had to sell the grocery store to afford a vacation home.

...from Takemizu Village.

Teenified Arianna. Her aspiration is Romance.

New hair for Poppy.

Asia hired Raffaella to work as a second cashier.

Say hello to the new family member, Tilly.
Despite of her first appearance, she's quite the jolly girl.

They also adopted a mate for her, called Lars.

Poppy got demoted.

Basilio took Moe's grave to the family cemetary.

Look, Bonbon's still alive!

Then, the whole family visited the local gym:

Basil's training made Asia cry.

Playing basketball with auntie 'Ella.

Cesarina wanted to go to college, so she grew up to YA.

Asia got a job and moved to her own place.
(Which means that either Cesarina or Arianna will be the heir)

Puppies are on their way, folks!

Next time: Heir Poll!


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