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The Tarina Legacy 3.4

I played a lot with Tarina's a little while ago and after this update I have one or two more to post.
Sorry for spamming so much lately :P

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So, like I promised last time: it's time to take a vacation. Next stop: Twikkii Island.

We start with an exotic bellhop...

Basil checked in his gang: Poppy and the kids. Gaia and Emilio stayed home to take care of the house.

Poppy turned out to be addicted to sunbathing.

They stayed at the Bungalows.

Poppy's still sunbathing, even after dark...

Apparently in sim-world you can get sunburned at midnight, too.

Worry or not worry?

Wow, first time seeing this.

Asia wanted to try, too.

Maybe adding some spice would help?

First time seeing this happen, too.

I guess it's contagious...

Good boy Basil, just refuce his offer!

After they left the beach to return back to their hotel, for some reason only Arianna came back. Rest of them came later (like all of them were supposed to with the community lot project-hack), so Arianna had to spend almost entire day by herself at the hotel.
How lucky that kids can't get taken by the social worker during their vacation!

However, she had fun building sandcastles, swimming, catching bugs and using the roomservice.

No no, Poppy's not pregnant. Just cramps.

On their last night there, Poppy and Basil visited the local spa while kids were resting.
They met this interesting fellow, who's last name was... STALKER :D

Basil wanted to learn a local massage.

During her parents absense, Asia broke a waterpipe at the hotel. Oh, fun!

After spending three whole days at the paradise, it was time to go back home.

After they came back, the whole house went nuts with Hula...

Visiting the local beach with Gaia and Emilio.

Poppy continues to improve at her job.

My Jamie Lander

And then, Cesarina grew up!

Her aspiration is Knowledge.

And later that night, when all sims were asleep...Moe returned as a ghost.

Next time: Birthdays, businesses and new familymembers.

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