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The Tarina Legacy 3.3

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Featuring sims by boolpropped and huning

Last time:
- Emilio grew up to elder and fulfilled his LTW
- Asia became a child
- Poppy became pregnant and gave birth to her second daughter, Cesarina
- Poppy became pregnant for the third (and last) time

1st pop for baby #3

Gaia and Basilio's skins got fixed, so now they match the current defaults.

Almost forgot to take a picture of the heir!

Poppy and Basilio take turns with the ever-neglected garden.

They had about 90 000§, so Basilio spend most of their money buying a clothing store.
Second business for the Tarina's.

Poppy seemed quite depressed after being demoted three times back to level 1.

MMO Desprit Deals Clothing Store

One of the first customers was a reporter.

They look like they enjoy serving customers, don't they?

Are you hinting me, that there should be a shower at the store?

Moe turned into an elder.

Poppy got an absurd want, that is not going to happen.
For one, there's not even an option to flirt with her father-in-law! And I've never been into that sort of thing anyway.

Sparkly Butt Cesarina = Birthday Time

C'mon old man!

They had to make a little expansion to the house to add another room for the kids.

Emilio learned something useful.

And finally, baby #3 was born. It's a third girl in a row. She's called Arianna.

I love that she inherited her daddy's hair and eye color. And elf ears, notice the elf ears!

Asia grew up.

Her aspiration is Popularity.

Their house got a little makeover, too.

Oh look, a promotion for Poppy!

Sparkly Puddings

Raffaella came to visit

So she joined the family celebration on Arianna's birthday.

Gaia is getting old. The party is already over by now.

Asia got her own room.

And then I noticed that Moe had passed away :(

And we leave as the kids are smustling their pixel butts off.

Next time: Off to Twikkii Island!

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