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The Tarina Legacy 3.2

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Featuring sims by boolpropped,huning and charterzard

Last time:
- Gaia grew up to be an elder
- Basilio and Poppy had their first baby, Asia

Asia continued to be adorable.

She also got a magic lamp at the age of 3. Quite a accomplishment, I'd say.

Emilio's lovely tablemanners. What can you say?

He maxed mechanics.
I bet there's plenty of fixing for him now!

Poppy is still struggling with her job.

Gaia has become addicted to the bubble blower.

Earlier these two had trouble getting pregnant again, but they still try.
And this time...success!

Bonbon has had several near-death-experiences, but he's still hanging in there.

I see morning sickness!

POP #1

YES! Finally they got rid of some of their money.

They needed more family friends for their careers, so Poppy used Wishing Well (that was totally cheated bought earlier) to meet three random townies.

And she immediately rolled a want to fell in love with the male townie. C'mon!

I think she's moping because I'm totally against her want.

Emilio fulfilled his LTW!

Moe is greatly loved by Asia.

And then, birthday-time!

Emilio lost his hair but not his charm.

And Asia grew up aswell.

Scarring your son for life. Way to go.

Gaia retired to stay home and be a free nanny.


There's something wrong with this message...

...nice try! Asia is going to school, like it or not.

Awesome Townies, part X : Rachel Bee-Bradley by charterzard

POP #2

Gaia is taking care of the shamefully neglected garden.

Asia loves her mom's cooking.

Poppy is trying to find an opening at Slacker, but no luck so far.

Gaia takes an interest on spying neighbors...

...and gets shoved by her sister-in-law, Alwunda (Vince's wife).

But who cares, because it's BABY TIME!
I failed to take a picture, but it was another girl who has exactly the same genetics as Asia.

NOOO!! We don't need more money!

Gaia agrees.

Oh, look! Snow!

And now, let me present to you...

Cesarina Tarina
She's grouchy and outgoing, while Asia is really nice and shy.

Emilio's turn to take care of the greenhouse. Now he can talk to himself plants.

Although I'm disappointed that she has exactly the same genetics as her sister, I can't be mad at her.
Just look at that face ♥

This update is not complete without a picture of a peeing cat.

And you know what? Poppy is indeed pregnant again.

These two are still all over each other.

And Poppy gets demoted AGAIN! This is the third time she's back at level 1.

Hopeless, I tell you... Hopeless.

Aaand then it's time to say goodbye.


I've played enough to make two more updates, so there's going to be a new part soon.

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