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Clayfield - Round 5 - Novell + Summary

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Roux's trailor got a makeover. It's an actual house how.

Enjoying breakfast...

...sharing inside jokes...

...and visiting the Spa.

I see boobies...

Cup of cappuccino at the bakery (by selenaq13 ), owned by a new resident who'll be introduced next round.

Remember their kitties? Faline...

...and Nestor.

Two females and a male kitten. They kept one female and gave up to adoption the rest.
The new kitty is called Bubble.

At school, nothing has changed much. Except that Sia keeps giving noogies to Honor.

Roux is still going out with Lucy the witch.

Oh no!

No alarms, of course...

He stole Roux's camera.

And this police was useless.

Sounds like a good idea.

I didn't know that head witches count as service sims... hmm.

Oh no! For some reason Faline and Nestor started fighting.

They are on the way of becoming enemies :(

Here's adult Bubble.


Sia has kept this want for almost entire teenhood.

Wish granted.

as YA.

My dog gives me this face whenever I have to leave him home alone. LOL

Sia changed her turn-on's so maybe she starts to have more chemistry with Toby now.

Girl, don't encourage them!!

From left: 3th, 4th and 5th round classes.

Sia is dreaming about Physics.

Faline and Nestor are now officially enemies :( Crap... What's with these cats?!

Term paper = finished.

I really like Bubble's coloring.

Sia already wants to dive into business world. She'll have to wait until next round though.

Roux wanted to buy a bass.

And even Bubble has something against her momma.

Sia moved out with Nestor on the last night. They moved in with the Roomies household.
Class of round 5

[From left, standing: Savio Gallagher, Honor Troii, Ruth and Galen Mifsud, Elfreda Nova and principal Roux.
Sitting: Edison McSkittles, Mervin Troii, Joelle Never-DeCarlo and Ashtoreth Novell]

Summary of round 5

Births: 5 (Troii, Bigfoot, DeCarlo, Dunbar)
Adoptions: -
Deaths: -
New residents: 1
Playables: 41
Households: 13

New businesses: 2
Businesses total: 17

Biggest taxes: - 2 500§
(Never-DeCarlo, Novell)
Biggest refund: + 1 100§

Taxes collected total: 10 100 §
Tax refunds total: 3 200 §

City Funds total: 108 600§

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