Maranatah (maranatah) wrote,

Clayfield - Round 5 - Novell III


Good news for Andre's business!

Devon got promoted to manager.

Back at home, Pollyanna is enjoying her garden.

I've never noticed how pretty those bugs actually are!

First Pop

Andre managed to make it to Marylena's bar once and made only 100§.
People were more interested in darts than music.

The joys of hiking.

Polly is her own test subject for spells.

Tadaa, first plantsim in Clayfield. And may I add, an evil plant.

Looks like Andre actually prefers his wife as a plant...! Strange sims.


I had to give her a greenhouse.

That belly is HUGE

Then I noticed this. I have NO idea is it a mod that I'm not aware of or what! But she can actually look like a regular sim, too.

The shop needed a makeover, but I had to delete those platforms later because customers weren't able to buy the objects placed on those :P

But here's the new floorplan. Check out the indoor plumbing and a little lunch corner for staff!

Oh, it's the naughty Nitro.

Both babies look the same. Now they have both a daughter and a son, named Chyna and Rocky.

Pollyanna seems to trust Felix quite a lot to hand a baby to him.

They house got expanded, just enough to fit two cribs into the spare room.

Planning on another baby? We'll see about that.

Two Angry Babies.

Finally, time to grow up! And now...toddler spam!


Are these identical twins or what?! I swear, I rolled the pacifier.

They are so precious ♥


Polly took a day off to be with the kids while Andre went to check his business.

Ah, lunch time.

Only a plantsim can enjoy sunbathing on late fall!

See you next round!

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