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Clayfield - Round 5 - Novell II

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First off, time to buy some toys!

Ashtoreth needs something more stimulating to play with than her daddy's hand.

They moved out of that tiny apartment into this house on day 1.

Remember Marylena's bar?

These are some of her most faithful customers. All of them seem to have enjoyed one glass too many.

While Marylena is working, Damani stays home with Ash. It's sunday so he doesn't have to work at the City Hall.

Last picture of toddler-Ash...

and here she is now! So cute!11


When Marylena returned home after midnight, first thing she did was to tuck in her daughter. Aww!

Then it was monday. Marylena was home alone after Damani went to work and Ash started her first school day.
Andre happened to walk by so she invited her brother over for grilled cheese.

One of the newly generated townies.

After work, Damani wanted to buy a car so off to Aden's Car Dealership!

ACR = no luck.

I though this was really interesting!

Skin fixed.

Now, who's this?

Meet Nitro, their mailman. Marylena was home alone...


After Damani returned home from work, they ACR'd again. He doesn't have any clue what his girlfriend was doing earlier.

Somewhere after 1 AM Nitro stopped by, rang the doorbell and tried to flirt with Marylena who turned him down.

Then he just kissed her and left. Strange behavior.

Over breakfast...

After Damani and Ash had left, Marylena invited Nitro over again. They gossip about Nat, who died long ago.


ACR'ing again.

And this is where we will continue on round 6.

- Damani LeCreuset is by miss_essa.
- Both Damani and Marylena are Romance sims, yet they never rolled any romantic wants specially towards each other. Since the playing was getting too boring, they needed to have some drama. A child with the mailman will be an interesting addition to their lives.
- Marylena was working earlier at Andre's music shop but she quit on the first day of this round to have more time for her own business (and some extra-curricular activities...). She works at her bar from 6 PM to 2-3 AM.
- I haven't decided yet if Damani and Marylena are going to stay together. It really depends on their wants and if Damani finds out about Marylena's affair. We'll just have to wait and see.
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