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Clayfield - Round 5 - McSkittles

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Dorris is very popular.
Her admirer, Albie, is calling her every single day while she's working after school at the Salon.

Ben has only few days left and Pipe is about to grow to elder.

Dorris wanted a cellphone so she visited Honeybear's store.

She also rolled a want to buy a robot (which I've never seen before!).
So now they have a Sentry-Bot.

New hair.

Raporter came to visit Lotte's Spa and he seemed pleased. However, he wandered off the lot before giving a review.

I removed many of my hacks and the bees are back. Buahahaa.

Edison is about to grow up soon.

Guess who's poop clogged the toilet?


Pirate needed some help at the toy store so he hired Dorris' admirer, Albie McHannah.

Also Ruth Mifsud got a job as restocker.

Looks like the shop is way too small for all the customers. Some of them got frustrated and threw their bags to the floor.

Edison looks just like Tyson.

I made the Toy Store larger with LotAdjuster, so there was room to expand.

Still not completely happy with the building, though.

Lotte continues her career as a writer.

Pirate hired another teen, a townie called Saben. She has two bolts with Tyson btw.

Almost immediately after hiring, Pirate wanted to fire her! o_O
He didn't.

Pipe grew old.

Albie keeps calling Dorris every single day.

Changed Pirate's skin to S2, so that their kids genetics could be realistic.

Little Stars is the first business to reach rank 8.


Two novels in 5 sim-days. Wow.

And now, it's cake time.
Dorris really wanted to go to college, so she's about to grow into YA.

Tyson grows straight into adult.
He's about to start his career as Treasure Hunter, just like Pirate at the beginning.

At the end of day 5 they both moved out to their own apartment.
Dorris is about to became the first ever college student at Clayfield!

- Dorris and Albie have two bolts and they obviously are quite into each other, as we've seen in the previous updates. We'll see what the future holds for these two on round 6.
- Tyson doesn't have a crush on anyone yet, but he does have two bolts with several of the newly grown-up mates. Unfortunately they all are taken. Saben grew up to adult at the same time with Tyson, I'll see if those two are going to take it further than just friendship.
- During this round Lotte rolled a want to buy another vacation home (they do have a tiny cabin at Three Lakes already), so they bought a little house from Twikkii Island. Next round we'll get to see come vacation pictures as Lotte, Pirate and Edison take a trip to a warmer climate.
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